The ten most representative racing cars, only those who know the industry will know!

Foreign media DRIVETRIBE recently selected the 10 most representative racing cars in history. As the ten most glorious cars in the history of human racing, they each have their own characteristics, and they have also left a mark in the competition. . Today, Da Meow will take you to take a look.

Audi Quattro

Speaking of racing, how can there be no Audi Quattro? This car brought four-wheel drive into the world of rally racing and laid the foundation for full-time four-wheel drive competition.

McLaren F1 GTR

In June 1995, the McLaren F1 GTR won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, also finishing third, fourth and fifth. On the other hand, the McLaren team was 2 points lower than Porsche in the GT1 division, but it still won the race in the end.


It is another legendary model of Le Mans. It once won the 1991 24-hour endurance race. It is also the only Japanese car to win the championship in the history of Le Mans and the only Le Mans car equipped with rotors.

Porsche 917

In 1970, the 917 brought Porsche their first overall victory at Le Mans. Since then, Porsche has won the race seven times in a row and finished first 19 times in total, more than any other racing car manufacturer.

Maserati 250F

Its existence is the best history lesson: once upon a time, this was the most standard shape of F1 cars. The car first debuted in 1945, more than any other Formula One car of that era.

McLaren MP4/4

If you ask today's young people what MP4 is, most of them will answer that it is a video format or player. Yet back in 1988, the MP4/4 was the coolest Formula One car, driven to victory by the greatest driver in history, Ayrton Senna.

Ford GT40

The history of the GT40 is simple: after Ferrari Enzo abruptly canceled the sale of his company to Ford, the car beat Ferrari at Le Mans, while in 1966 three GT40s occupied the front of the 24-hour race. Three. This is not just a victory, but more of a perfect way to get revenge.

Porsche 956

The legend of the 956 is not just the result of the victory, it is also the holding of this particular record. In 1983, Stefan Belov set the Nurburgring lap record with a time of 6 minutes, 11 seconds and 13 seconds. This record lasted for 35 years.

Tyrrell P34

That's right! This car really has 6 wheels! It is the prototype of the Super Thor. In order to reduce the air resistance caused by the tires, the tire size is sacrificed to ensure speed. However, this radical design had many shortcomings, which ultimately made this car a mere flash in the pan and disappeared from history.

Chaparrel 2J

Another radical design is the world's fastest vacuum cleaner, the Chaparrel 2J, which not only has a rather strange boxy shape, but also has a pair of fans in the back. Even though its shape is so strange, it has also won the championship. Of course, it cannot escape the ban.