Ranking of the top ten explorers in the world, three of them are women

Exploration itself is a very adventurous and exciting thing. Many wild explorers have discovered new things during the exploration process, which has further improved people's impression of the world. Some explorers have been unfortunate during the exploration process. Died and left this world forever. Today, the editor brings to you a ranking of the top ten explorers in the world. Three of them are women. Let’s take a look.

  Anoush Ansari is an Iranian space tourist. She spent 20 million US dollars on space training, and finally fulfilled her 40th birthday wish to become the first female space tourist.

  Louise Arner Boyd was the first woman in the world to reach the North Pole by air. During her expedition, she and her team discovered underwater mountains under the Arctic Circle ocean, making science a small step forward.

  Yuri Gagarin was an astronaut from the former Soviet Union. He flew around the earth for 108 minutes in the Vostok 1 spacecraft and became the first astronaut in the world to travel in space.

  Chuck Yeager was a U.S. Air Force colonel, a NASA test pilot and a great explorer. He was the first human being to break the sound barrier and played a huge role in promoting the development of aviation.

  James Cook was a famous British navigator and explorer. He spent his entire life exploring the waters around New Zealand and made a huge contribution to the history of navigation in the world.

  William Beebe is an explorer of the underwater world. He developed a spherical submarine device to enter the 900-meter-deep seabed, and then used radio waves to communicate with the ground. According to him, the underwater world he saw was so bright and charming. , which he could not forget for a long time.

  It is said that the Nordic Leif Ericsson was a pirate. He was the first person in the world to go to the Americas, 500 years earlier than Columbus. Although no one knows how he landed, archaeologists did find some discoveries there. About the remains of pirates.

  Christopher Columbus was an explorer and navigator of world civilization. He embarked on his first voyage when he was 13 years old. The New World he discovered was of extraordinary significance to the Western world.

  Amerigo Vespucc is considered the real discoverer of the Americas because he himself named the continent and described it in detail. Between 1497 and 1504, Amerigo Vespucc made four expeditions to North and South America.

  As a woman, Saccajawea completed the Great Western Expedition. The entire journey was 4,000 miles long. The most remarkable thing is that she also took her newborn child with her. This is simply unbelievable, isn't it?