Do you know about outdoor adventure projects?

With the acceleration of urbanization, people today are yearning for nature more and want to go out and see the outside world. This has made many outdoor adventure projects become popular. The rise of this project satisfies people's curiosity for outdoor adventure. So when it comes to outdoor adventure projects, do you know what types there are? Next, we will introduce you to several common jungle-style adventure tourism projects.

1. Adventure in the trees. In the 1990s, a foreign mountaineering expert proposed the idea of tree climbing. In the following 20 years, tree climbing parks that started in Europe have now developed all over the world. In the beginning, tree adventure activities were not as well-known and recognized by the public as they are now. It was initially prepared for those sports people who were looking for excitement and loved adventure. On the other hand, it is very different now. Today's adventure parks serve more of the public, some such as students, company team building, etc., and are slowly changing the way we relax. He moves through bridges, nets, walkways, obstacles, Tarzan jumps, and other fun challenges as you move from tree to tree in the forest. This is the wonder of Forest Adventure Park.

2. Rope net adventure. As the name suggests, the rope net adventure is to connect an elastic rope net to the tree house. The tree for the adventure must have good natural conditions. One of its requirements is that the tree's diameter at breast height must be greater than 30 cm for support. Adventure projects of different difficulties can be set up between trees. Since this rope network adventure project is not very high from the ground and has safety protection measures, it is especially suitable for children and parents to experience together. Through this sport, children can participate in projects with different challenges, allowing them to go through levels in the woods with their parents, give full play to their bravery and wit, and experience the process of overcoming difficulties and the joy of completing challenges. This is beneficial to physical and mental health and greatly enhances their self-confidence!

3. Challenge adventure. If you want to feel the adrenaline rush, you certainly can’t miss the challenging adventure park. Nowadays, there are many celebrity sites for such challenging projects, many of which are people who love sports, such as aerial slides, zip lines, bungee jumps... Now they are also very popular, and these projects are on the premise of ensuring their own It allows us to enjoy releasing stress and feel the pleasure of speed and passion. It has become a favorite way of decompressing among contemporary young people.

A doctor once said that patients with psychological problems can return to normal more effectively by participating in outdoor sports than those who stay at home all day long. It can be seen that outdoor sports such as jungle trekking are natural sports that spread positive energy and can improve the level and quality of people's spiritual life.