TikTok has some thoughts on Deacon Philip’s apartment tour

Step aside, Kat Jenners, there's a new celebrity kid making headlines. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's son Deacon Phillippe went viral this week for showing off his enviable New York apartment on TikTok — something most 20-year-old college students can't afford on their own space.

The skeptical comments started after the famous son shared his digs with TikToker Caleb Simpson (@calebsimpson), one of your FYPs asking on the streets of New York Whether people can visit their apartments. In the Nov. 14 video, Philip said he paid "West Village prices" for his home, but did not reveal the actual figure. If you're unfamiliar with the rental market in popular downtown areas, the average price for a three-bedroom apartment like Phillippe's is typically around $6,495 per month, according to RentHop.

Simpson was so impressed by Phillip's apartment that he called the space "disgusting" upon entering. He's right: with stunning floor-to-ceiling brick walls and a spiral staircase that serves as the centerpiece of the space, it's undeniable that Philippe and his roommates live in a stunning apartment. (It’s worth noting that some people seem to believe Philip lives in a four-bedroom apartment, even though we only see two roommates in the video.)

Simpson even admitted that he had never seen a staircase like this before, which, considering how many apartments the creator has toured for his TikTok followers, goes to show how rare such a feature is in New York.


The wow factor doesn't stop there, though. Philip and his college roommates managed to fit a sofa and two recliners into the living room - a luxury in New York - and display their impressive vinyl record collection on the walls. Hang above some keyboards and other potentially expensive music equipment. Philip is currently majoring in music at New York University, so it makes sense that he would place his equipment around his apartment.

Although music seems to be his main focus now, Philip has also dabbled in acting, even briefly dabbling in showbiz. Netflix Original Series I have never played the role of Parker .

Philip also set up a "studio" in his bedroom. The rest of his room was pretty plain, to be honest - a full, maybe queen-size bed, a side table with storage, a window air conditioner, and that's about it. Still, that didn't stop the TikTok user from commenting on his parents' financial situation.


“The West Village price is free rich kid language,” @mercy3687 commented. “The house that Reese’s Book Club built,” @itsevanolson quipped, before clarifying that “there’s nothing wrong with parents helping their kids out.”

If you didn't know who his parents were, you might be confused as to how Philip and his roommates managed to achieve such rankings while still in school. "How can a college student afford this?" wondered @juliaann333. “He’s a nebo baby,” @shyquan.howell replied. “Let Reese Witherspoon be your mom,” @daisyboobum said.

Other users placed bets on how much such an apartment would sell for. Some believe the rental price will be around $9,000 per month, while others believe the monthly payment could be as high as $13,000.

A representative for Philippe did not immediately respond to Buster's request for comment on the reaction to the video.

In addition to all the beautiful furnishings, the apartment also boasts a classic New York City feature: a small bathroom. The space is small and the door only barely clears the vanity when entering and exiting the bathroom.


Living in a two-story apartment is a luxury most New Yorkers can only dream of, so having such a space in the West Village certainly offers flexibility. But hey, if your mom was Reese Witherspoon, she'd probably help pay your bills, too.