Your astrological predictions for May

As the saying goes, wind and rain in April bring flowers in May. While not everything is going as planned, the May 2024 horoscope certainly gives everyone a lot to look forward to - including some big moves from Jupiter, the planet of good luck. After April's Mercury Retrograde and intense Total Solar Eclipse, May's major astrological events will feel like an exciting breath of fresh air.

The first few weeks of May are at the peak of Taurus Season 2024, and this down-to-earth vibe can help you get in touch with your physical senses and inspire you to steadily achieve your goals. The new moon in Taurus on May 7 brings a sparkling new beginning, as as many as five planets will converge on this sensual earth sign's territory. The zodiac energy of Taurus is known for being down-to-earth, but things can get spicy and unpredictable mid-month, as both the Sun and love planet Venus will align with wild child Uranus in Taurus, activating all kinds of unexpected transformations, surprises, and revelations. fasten your seatbelt!

Just before the Sun enters Gemini, it forms a magical conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus on May 19, called Jupiter Kazimierz, so this is an auspicious time to make a wish or take a leap of faith. Gemini season starts on day two, which means it's time to embrace your inner whiner and prioritize communication and socializing. A fiery full moon rises on May 23, helping all signs realize their loftiest dreams and ambitions. Finally, the end of the month brings one of the most important planetary transitions of the year, with Jupiter entering Gemini on May 25 for the first time in more than a decade – kicking off an exciting year in terms of communication Good luck and new opportunities for intellectual expansion. Open yourself up to this new adventure.

Ready to dive into this month’s planetary antics? Here is the astrological prediction for May 2024.

Astrological events taking place in May 2024.

Pluto goes retrograde on May 2

Retrograde season is here! You survived Mercury retrograde in April and have enjoyed 10 days of retrograde-free astronomical weather since then. But the universe's inversion is back, and energy-hungry Pluto is leading the way. In astrology, Pluto is the ruler of transformation and underground change, so Pluto retrograde 2024 is a time to look back at larger-scale evolutions in your personal life. This retrograde starts on May 2 and lasts until October 11, but because Pluto is farther from the sun, the effects of this retrograde will be more subtle than many retrogrades — so you probably won't notice anything too happening in your daily life. Something dramatic.

New Moon in Taurus, May 7

On May 7, a new lunar cycle kicks off with the May 2024 New Moon in Taurus, which heralds some bountiful new beginnings for all signs. This is the first new moon since the end of eclipse season, so it's the perfect time to unleash all the manifestations you've been building up since March. Thanks to the Moon's supportive connection to practical Saturn, whatever efforts you put in now will pay off in the long run—so take advantage of the cosmic vibes and start moving methodically toward your tangible goals.

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Practical thinking with Mercury in Taurus

The spiritual planet Mercury will join the ranks of Taurus on May 15, forming a full-fledged Taurus stellium with the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter. With logistical Mercury in Taurus, you're likely to focus on more pragmatic ideas and find it easy to execute your plans from start to finish. Slow and steady always wins the Taurus game, so take your time with communication and allow yourself to really listen to others as well.

Jupiter Kazimierz ends Taurus season

Jupiter Kazimierz May 19 ends Taurus season with a burst of solar rays, bringing some goodies to all the zodiac signs as Jupiter ends its year-long stay in this fixed earth sign. Luck and wealth. Over the past year, Jupiter in Taurus has brought a lot of artistic inspiration, a taste for maximalism, and plenty of opportunities to generate abundance and joy—and this alignment between expansive Jupiter and the Sun is a great way to seize Best time for any possible opportunity. show yourself.

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Gemini season starts on May 20

After joining Jupiter, the Sun will enter flirtatious Gemini on May 20, officially kicking off 2024 Gemini season. Beer drinkers rejoice! Gemini energy is about communication, ideas, and spiritual connections—so it's time to let your inner social butterfly emerge from its cocoon and start interacting with the world around you. Make time for spring socializing and tap into Gemini's curious and quick-thinking vibe to catch up on all the texts and emails that have been put aside in the chaos of the past few months.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius shines brightly on May 23

On May 23, just days into Gemini season, the May 2024 full moon will rise in free-spirited Sagittarius. This new moon ignites everyone's appetite for adventure and inspires all signs to broaden their horizons and achieve their ambitious goals. Be ambitious and aim for the stars! This fiery full moon coincides with a dazzling conjunction between luxury-loving Venus and luck-loving Jupiter, so it's an excellent time to take action on both the money and relationship fronts. Embrace the spontaneity of a Sagittarius and have some fun.

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Flirting with Venus in Gemini

After the full moon on May 23, love planet Venus leaves her fellow sign Taurus and joins the Sun in Gemini, changing the climate for relationships, romance, and money matters. With Venus in Gemini, flirting becomes a priority, and you may find yourself more interested in mental stimulation and intellectual connection than any physical connection. This is a great time to connect with people, have some flirty conversations, and most importantly, keep an open mind.

Jupiter enters Gemini for a new era

One of the defining cosmic moments of 2024 will arrive on May 25, when lucky planet Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time since 2013. Jupiter is the planet of growth, wealth and abundance. So next year with Jupiter in chatty and curious Gemini will bring about all kinds of spiritual and social expansion. Expect to feel more open and curious about learning new things and connecting with new people. Look for streams of inspiration or magical doors of opportunity to appear in your life from your curiosity and conversations with others. Jupiter stays in each sign for about a year, so until June 9, 2025, you must take advantage of this auspicious energy in the Gemini-ruled part of your birth chart.