The Queen's Summer Vacation Is the Healthy AF Getaway You've Always Dreamed of

I guess there are many benefits to being a royal. Having the opportunity to meet world leaders, attend fancy balls, and hang out with adorable corgis never gets old. However, there are some luxuries that the Queen cannot enjoy. There was no way she could slip away unnoticed on a last-minute city break. However, that doesn't mean she won't be leaving Buckingham Palace during the hotter months. Where does the Queen go during her summer vacation? Every year she heads north with a select group of family and friends to spend a few weeks in the countryside, which I have to admit, looks pretty relaxing.

Royals live their lives in the public eye, and while they get to do some great things, it can be tiring. She may not be able to disappear on the beach for a few weeks in the summer, but every year at the end of July, the Queen and Prince Philip head to the royal family-owned Balmoral estate. Known as the home of Scottish royalty, the estate in the Aberdeenshire countryside of Barrat is surrounded by rugged terrain perfect for fishing, picnics and walks with the dogs.

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Prince Albert purchased Balmoral Castle for Queen Victoria in 1852, and members of the royal family have been traveling to Scotland for relaxing summer vacations ever since. The Queen traveled to the estate with Prince Philip, but Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, and a host of royal guests all spent the summer there, The Sun reported. In a 2016 interview with Hello magazine, Princess Eugenie revealed what Balmoral meant to her and her childhood. "It's a lovely base for grandma and grandpa where we can go and visit them and there's plenty of room to breathe and run around," she said.

Although it looks very quiet and peaceful, there is a lot to do and some pretty wild times experienced while the royal family is there. While out, the family reportedly hunts, fishes, drives through rugged terrain, and eats lots of delicious food. Speaking to Hello magazine, Eugene said there were "walks, picnics, dogs - lots of dogs, there were always dogs - people coming in and out all the time."

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This summer's trip marks a very special time on some royal calendars. The Queen has officially invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and baby Archie to spend the summer at Balmoral Castle, The Sun reports. A source told the publication, "The Queen and Prince Philip are so fond of the couple, and of course their new great-grandson Archie, that they have invited them to Balmoral for a few days." The trip will reportedly be It's Archie's first holiday away from home, while the Duchess of Sussex will celebrate her birthday in Scotland.

Balmoral Estate may be grand, but the royal family's time there during the summer also sounds like a very enjoyable family holiday. You can also stay at Balmoral Castle if you want to see where the Queen has her afternoon tea during the warmer months. The estate is open to visitors from April 1 to July 31, 2019, and you can book a stay in one of the estate's cottages when the royal family is away. It's a holiday fit for a queen, literally.