TikTok says it's a red flag if your boyfriend knows what "Azure French Tips 1.5" means

For many people, a trip to the nail salon every few weeks is the equivalent of a treatment. Even though your man is always asking to see what you're getting, he can't tell the difference between a stiletto tip and a screamer if his life depends on it.

It’s this phenomenon that BeautyTok is currently paying close attention to. According to viral theory, if your boyfriend/husband knows what a "cerulean French tip 1.5" is, you might have serious problems.

The code for "Sky Blue French Tip 1.5" is...

If you asked your partner what nails you should buy, he'd probably say blue or yellow, mixed with the occasional pink - that's the basics. If he had said something more specific - like "cerulean French tip 1.5" - the notion would suggest that he was either an asshole, actively cheating, or at least learned a thing or two from his ex.

That's because most men know nothing about specific manicure terminology and would never say something like "Tip 1.5 for a sky blue French tip" unless someone was there to cook it. So if, after five years of dating, he shows up one day with unexplainable knowledge about manicures, you should be very suspicious.

Essentially, this is a beautiful version of "if your boyfriend clearly knows his Big Three, then he's already passed."

TikTok: @derekshillingsford / @only1hvgo

Men on TikTok have discovered that this reaction creates very specific reactions and are pranking their girlfriends by asking for super specific styles. The app is currently flooded with videos like @only1hvgo, who said: "She asked me what color nails she should choose and I told her 'French tip sky blue 1.5 inches' but now I'm blocked."

In response, one TikTok user commented: "Oh he wants her to be his ex???", while another simply said, "For those who don't understand, he knows too much too much."

Light blue nails have hidden meanings

While "cerulean French tip 1.5" has its own unique meaning, this isn't the first time TikTok has created an alternative meaning for light blue nails. Gen Z firmly believes that a person’s nail color reflects the status of their personal relationships.

White nail polish is said to mean someone is single and looking for love, while light blue nail polish indicates someone is already dating. in other words? You may want to choose your nail color more carefully…