You can visit the filming locations of "The Cry" IRL and some of them close to home

Yes, the BBC is definitely going big on attracting new dramas this autumn. From "The Bodyguard" to "Killing Eve," I honestly can't get enough of them. Its newest drama, "The Cry," already has me hooked after its Sunday night premiere. IMHO it's one of the most hauntingly emotional pieces of television I've ever seen. Despite the grim storyline, did anyone notice the sleepy Australian village where the show was filmed? beautiful. So, where was The Scream filmed, and can you visit these locations in real life?

Filming on location is often very expensive, and while some shows may look like they were filmed in exotic landscapes, they may have been filmed in a studio in central London. But for The Scream , the cast and crew flew to Australia and Scotland to film because the contrasting landscapes were not conducive to the narrative. Obviously you'll be drawn to and follow the actions of Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and Alistair (Ewen Leslie), but the juxtaposition between the two cities only adds to the story The psychological thrill of beginning to uncover.

"From the early stages of pre-production, Glendine Irwin and I discussed the concept of environment and its impact on our characters' psyches," director of photography Sam Chiplin told the broadcaster . "We wanted Australia and Scotland to be their own characters, each with a unique feel and abilities that add emotional depth to the story."

British Broadcasting Corporation

From the eucalyptus fires the couple sees as they drive through the bush, to the steady rain that engulfs their beautiful home, there's a lot hidden in the cinematography and locations that becomes clearer with every viewing.

But that's enough. If you're like me, you're already planning a future trip to the North or Australia to see first-hand where Scream was filmed. So, where to start? According to Coleman, The Scream covers a lot of places in Scotland. "We've been to Loch Lomond filming and we've been to Hamilton and Finnieston across the city," she told The Scottish Sun. “We also went to Pollock Park so we got a really good sweep.”

Synchronicity Films Ltd/Mark Mainz

The Radio Times reported that Glasgow's Argyll Street and the Gallery of Modern Art were also used when filming the Scottish portion, while "The Sixty Steps and Kelvinside Terrace West" were also used, according to GlasgowLive .

According to the Geelong Advertiser, when she came to Australia, most of the filming took place in Queenscliff, a coastal town an hour and a half outside of Melbourne.

Australians are just as excited as the British about the BBC drama, which will be aired in Australia in the near future. “I was completely attracted to the universal themes of Scream and its uniquely Australian element,” ABC distribution boss Rebecca Heap told the paper. “We’re excited to share this gripping drama with audiences later this year.”

Synchronic Films Ltd/Lachlan Moore

So there you have it. While you're waiting for episode two of Scream to air, start planning a weekend getaway to Scotland or a winter vacation to Australia, because I'm sure those destinations will become tourist hotspots thanks to the show.