Here are the rules for flying with a pregnant dog

For those who are pregnant, the restrictions on flying are pretty straightforward—a person can fly until about 36 weeks into pregnancy as long as a doctor approves—and in most cases, the lack of comfort during the flight is the biggest issue. However, the rules for pregnancy and air travel are a little complicated when it comes to dogs. Whether you can fly with a pregnant dog depends on how far along your dog is in her pregnancy and how healthy she is. Travel restrictions and regulations for pregnant dogs are simply recommendations from most veterinarians, not airline recommendations, and they are put in place to ensure the health of mother and baby, as both are more susceptible to injury while flying. As you can imagine, pup travel is stressful enough for a healthy, happy dog ​​who hasn't yet given birth to pups.

An important factor to consider when determining whether a pregnant dog should fly is the dog's emotional response to something stressful like traveling. If your pup is an anxious traveler and easily becomes overwhelmed or sick when outside of his comfort zone, air travel may not be a safe option for the two of you if it can be avoided. Since dog pregnancy is very different from human pregnancy, the rules are also very different. A dog's gestation period is only about two months (63 days), and unlike a human pregnancy, the first three weeks of a dog's pregnancy are very fragile. According to Vetinfo, the general guideline is that pregnant dogs should not travel at all during the first three weeks of pregnancy or the last two weeks of pregnancy, as this may lead to premature birth. For any travel between these two phases, make sure your dog is in a stress-free environment and is as comfortable as possible during the trip. You can also have your puppy's health evaluated by a veterinarian to see if they will issue a pet certificate that will enable the puppy to fly.


While most airlines don't have their own rules and regulations regarding pregnant dogs, the general rules for traveling with dogs apply: Your puppy must be approved by your veterinarian to fly with a certificate of health, and it must be packed in a carry-on bag that can accommodate middle. Place under the seat in front of you. While this technically means that a pregnant dog that meets these requirements can fly anywhere with you, it's worth remembering that traveling can still be stressful for puppies, and the dog's pregnancy needs to be monitored closely. The longer you stay in the air and away from your veterinarian, the greater your risk.

So while it's best to avoid traveling with a pregnant dog if you can, technically it's allowed by the airline if you can get a vet's certificate, the dog is small enough to fit in a cabin-approved handbag, and You can bring a pregnant dog. Able to make every effort to ensure your puppy is comfortable and calm during the flight. Remember: If you're traveling somewhere new, make a list of local veterinarians and emergency animal hospitals nearby, just in case.