Southwest Airlines has a $49 flight deal right now, but it won't last long

If you're eager to get out of trouble but don't have the funds, Southwest Airlines has your back. Yes, Southwest Airlines offers cheap flights for $49 so you can book that much-needed vacation ASAP. And—wait for it—this banana-low price also applies to some international flights to Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. You may be wondering what the pitfalls are. While there are some rules to this deal, they are not unreasonable. All you need to do is book your flight before April 19, 2018 and purchase your ticket 21 days in advance. There are some blackout dates, so be sure to check the Southwest Airlines website before booking your flight.

If it's been a while since you've been to the beach and you're feeling a little dark and twisted after this never-ending winter of discontent, take advantage of these nearly free flights now, because the beach is actually good for your brain. "Staring at the ocean actually changes the frequency of our brain waves and puts us into a gentle meditative state," clinical psychologist Richard Shuster told Inc. You Can Plan a Girl's Trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico Beach vacations and buy affordable flights from April 24th through May 17th to August 21st until Halloween (as long as you book your tickets before April 19th).

It's no secret that many people don't take advantage of all their vacation time, which often means dealing with 11 million emails and a mountain of work. However, taking time off can actually make you happier at work and even make you better at your job. Project Time Off reports that a survey found that 90% of people said that time off helped them relax and recharge, 88% claimed that it gave them the opportunity to do things they love, and 85% noted that time away Office time makes them happier.

Apparently, 15% of people are very happy to be working all the time. Who are these people? For the 85% of people who do enjoy taking time off, 65% say they are more focused and productive when taking time off, and 61% say they experience greater job satisfaction after taking time off. Because, you are meant to do more with your life than work and pay bills, even if it sometimes doesn't feel that way. If you live far away from family and haven't been home for a while, these discounted fares are a great way to surprise your parents on Mother's or Father's Day.

A $49 flight is basically the same price as a dinner out or a tank of gas, and much cheaper than your phone bill. While flight fares won't be $49 in every city, fares in most departure cities are well below market prices. While it's worth noting that these $49 fares are for one-way fares, so you'll want to check your return flight options carefully, Condé Nast Traveler points out that most domestic flights cost less than $200 round-trip — for a quick getaway.

Southwest Airlines is known for being an innovative airline. They offer services like live in-flight pop-up concerts, they partnered with pet rescue organizations to take dogs out of Puerto Rico after a hurricane, and they offer air travel to patients through the Medical Transportation Grant Program, which means you can feel Feeling very warm and fuzzy about booking a flight with this airline.

If you need more reasons to book these cheap flights, Take Back Your Time reports that vacations can prevent disease, relieve stress, and even improve your sex life. “Research shows that high stress-related cortisol levels can create a negative feedback loop in the brain and reduce levels of sex hormones like testosterone, leading to a loss of libido,” notes Take Back Your Time. “Surveys show that people who take frequent vacations feel sexier and have more romantic relationships, which equates to better sex!” So ​​talk to your BFF or BAE, ask for a day off, and give yourself some well-earned downtime . After all, almost no one wishes they had worked more and taken fewer vacations at the end of their lives. #YOLO