These are the most Googled resorts of 2018 and the best time to book is now

It’s probably not too shocking that the most Googled vacation destination in 2018 was Italy, according to Google’s annual search results. This country is known for its delicious food (pasta! pizza! ice cream!), interesting historical monuments (like the Colosseum), incredible art (you can see the original David statue in Florence), and Known for its pleasant weather. There seems to be something for everyone. If you want to explore a city, you can go to Rome. Want a beach vacation? Head to the famous Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Want to relax with a drink? Travel to Tuscany and Lake Como. This country has a lot to offer and it is always worth visiting there. The only problem? While it's not the most expensive place to travel, it's not cheap either, which is why it's helpful to know the best time to book a holiday there.

Summer, from June to August, is probably the worst time to go to Italy. Although the temperatures are getting warmer, no matter which area you travel to, it's always going to be more crowded with tourists and prices will be higher. That means not only do you have to wait in long lines and stand in overcrowded museums, but you also pay more for just about everything, from flights to hotels to tourist attractions.

The best time to visit Italy depends on where you want to go. If you want to go to the beaches of the south coast, you'll want to go when the weather is warm and avoid winter. Of course, summer is the warmest time, but according to Travel + Leisure , your best bet is to visit in early spring or late autumn — that's March to April, or October to November. Temperatures will still be warm enough to enjoy the water, not too hot, prices will be lower, and crowds will be easier to manage.

If you want to go to Rome or Florence, you might want to consider going during the winter months (January to March or early April). It’s not that hot (which is a good thing!), and it’s rarely that cold. There are occasional storms, but there are fewer crowds around and the prices are cheap, so it's worth it.

If you want to save money rather than avoid the crowds, go during the off-season, between December and February (except around Carnival) and August. Winter is the slowest time and also the cheapest. August is also considered by many to be part of the off-season because, according to Santorini Dave, most of the country goes on vacation during this month, which means a lot of things are true. The second half of the month is usually pretty dead.

If you still want good weather but fewer crowds and don't mind spending a little more, travel between April and early June or September and October, no matter where you're going. The weather will be nice and the crowds will be smaller.

As for airfares, CheapAir says the cheapest flights to Europe are purchased, on average, about 160 days before departure. The best days to travel include Mondays, July is the most expensive month to fly and March is the cheapest.