8 things to do with your best friends before your wedding

Your best friend has been counting down the days for a while, so it's time to think about things to do with your best friend before her wedding actually happens. While a lot may be changing in her life right now, your strong bond will not be affected. But, no matter what, it's still fun to spend some time with her before marriage to remind her that you've got her back.

Give your best friend a break from wedding planning and remind her that it's good to have fun too. Since she's been obsessed with RSVPs and seating charts for a while now, she's definitely going to enjoy breaking out of the norm. Maybe she's been looking for a good outlet, or needs to express some opinions about certain choices, but doesn't feel comfortable speaking up. Or maybe she just wants to talk about anything other than the wedding. Trust me, people have been asking for details about her outfit and color for months. When you have to tell your proposal story to every relative, it becomes less and less appealing.

As her best friend, you need to schedule some one-on-one time with her and let her know that you'll always be there for her, now and forever. Try to make some pre-wedding memories through these activities.

1. Weekend trip

Just the two of you - no one else allowed. Since this wedding can be quite expensive, try to think of some fun, quasi-local places where you can hang out. Do a quick search online for fun events happening in several towns. Or, visit a part of the state you've never been to before. Even just exploring the shops and landmarks of the city center is sure to be a fun time. Sometimes, the best trips don’t require luxurious destinations—just being accompanied by your closest friends is enough.

2. Take a Zumba class together

Zumba is not just about fitness, it’s about relaxing and having a good time. If you and your friends love dancing to your heart's content, Zumba might be the perfect activity for you two. Zumba classes are available everywhere, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a local facility offering them. In fact, on Zumba.com you can do a pretty intensive search by location. If your friend is particularly stressed, this might be just the therapy she needs.

3. Start a weekly brunch

Brunch is the perfect excuse to relax with a mimosa. Take your friends out for brunch and see if you can make it a weekly or monthly tradition. The bonus (besides the food, of course) is that you can make a reservation to meet up with friends and spend some quality time together. Sure, text messages are great, but there's nothing like interacting with the people you love face-to-face.

4. Plant some flowers and/or trees together

Gardening can be a major stress booster and it's always great to beautify your place. Maybe you can even plant a tree and watch it grow over the years. Even if you don't call it a friendship tree, it will always be a great way for her to look back and reminisce about her pre-marriage life. (Plus, hey – you’ll be doing a great service to the environment.)

5. Watch a movie that her fiancé would never be interested in

She could always go to the movies alone, but it was more fun to go to the movies with friends. If she wants to see a romantic comedy but knows her partner won't be interested, she'll know she'll always have a date to go to the movies with you around. Going before the wedding will only remind her that, yes, even though she is a wife now, she can still go out and do her own thing. Just because she's married doesn't mean her Ryan Gosling crush privileges are revoked.

6. Sign up for a marathon

Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment and can be a lot of fun. If the two of you are looking for an activity to plan and train for, running together is a great way to bond. In addition to its fitness benefits, running helps her clear her mind, which is exactly what she needs before such a big event.

7. Plan a spa day

Visit Groupon and see if you can find some deals on manicures, pedicures, and facials. If she doesn't have an appointment with a hairstylist or makeup artist yet, maybe the two of you can try a few different places together to see which stylists match her ideas. It's a good excuse to feel a little glamorous.

8. Talk about past crushes

If you two have always been friends, you've probably been through a few failed relationships and secret crushes together. Just because she's getting married doesn't mean these fun past memories never existed. By talking about the past, she may realize that her partner is indeed the right one for her—after all, every failed relationship only brings you one step closer to true love. Hey, this guy is better than Johnny in seventh grade. His whole shtick is just quoting Austin Powers 24/7. no thanks.

Image source: Giphy (8), Andrii Omelnytskyi / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images