The theme park featured in Jordan Peele's film Nope is about to open to visitors

If watching the trailer for Jordan Peele's new movie No makes you think, "I want to go there," you're in luck. Starting July 22, the same day as the movie's release, the set of the movie theme park "Jupiter's Claim" will be open to guests via Universal Studios' famous Studio Tour. This is the first time in the history of the Studio Tour that an attraction will be released on the same day as a movie. Production designer Ruth DeJong reportedly disassembled the set in post-production, shipped it to Universal Studios, and reassembled it with the original props, so the version audiences will experience is exactly the same as the one used in the film same.

In No , Jupiter's Claim, Jupiter's Claim is a Western Gold Rush-era theme park "based on the whitewashed history and aesthetics of the California Gold Rush," according to Deadline. Jupiter's Claim is run by Steven Yeun's evangelical, former child star character Ricky "Juppe" Parker, who becomes Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer's characters investigating what's going on in the town The center of strange events.

For Peele, having part of his movie set on the Universal Studios backlot was a dream come true. "I remember visiting Universal Studios as a 12-year-old and being mesmerized," he said in a statement. "That experience heightened my passion and drive to one day join the meta-magic of 'Life on Location.' Since then, I've been fortunate to direct three films for Universal. I'm honored to have the opportunity to partner with my studio partners, crew and actors to work on these collaborations and be able to share Jupiter’s proposition with fans.”

Scott Strobl, executive vice president and general manager of Universal Pictures, also commented on the partnership, saying, "Jordan's creativity and ingenuity have produced unique, thought-provoking films that we Very excited to present his original Jupiter Claims set as an attraction on the permanent Core Studio Tour, giving our guests a front-row seat to the true magic of filmmaking."

If you can't wait to visit in person on July 22, the theme park has its own creepy website, which Peele revealed via tweet on July 1. When we first enter the page, we're greeted by a winking cowboy, a bright sky, and a semi-ominous "wish you the best" greeting, before the lights suddenly go out and the cowboy's eyes dim. Elsewhere on the page there is a map of the park and attractions to visit, including a bank, theater, grocery store, Winkin' Well, Star Lasso Experience and a P.O. Each page has interactive games that can be played as long as you have enough "jangle" currency.

As viewers move through different pages of the site, information alternates between when the lights go off. On the bank's page, the light version explains what the park's "jangle" currency is, while the dark version warns that spending money here will "continue this cycle of terror."

Meanwhile, on the "Winkin' Well" page, the original headline reads: "As mentioned above, here's what Jupiter claims to be "Winkin' Well! "As you stare into the void and spend your hard-earned Jangle®️ on a photo record of your handsome prospecting lifestyle, you'll want to put your best foot forward. As you smile and reminisce, don't forget to remember the past. The flash blinks." But as the page dims, so does the title: "Look down the well. Look up at the sky. Whatever you want, it won't change anything. It can't be invisible. If you're afraid of the darkness ahead, just look into the well and pray you survive." You know, just fun theme park stuff!

Admit at your own risk - here are plenty of tips and clues for superfans to ponder before the movies and parks open to everyone on July 22.