The airline is selling $99 flights to Europe on Black Friday — here's how to buy one

The oven you've been eyeing isn't the only deal you can grab this week. On Black Friday, WOW Air is offering flights to Europe for $99 — an absolute steal if you've never flown to Europe. Before you start to doubt, let me clarify: You have a real seat on the plane. And it's not a toilet seat. Only $99. Cheap goods! However, as you may have guessed, there are some conditions.

First of all, these are one-way tickets, and there are only 1,500 seats available, which means if you want to get a ticket, you have to be one of those crazy people sitting at the computer waiting. Sales dropped, without even leaving the screen to pee. Second, of those 1,500 aircraft, only 1,250 fly for $99.99 from Boston, Chicago and Pittsburgh to Reykjavik, Iceland; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, England; and Dublin, Ireland. The remaining 250 seats are available from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami to the same destinations as the previous seats for $129.99. You 'll have to book a separate return flight to take advantage of one of these deals; so if you're planning on escaping the country on a budget, now isn't the time. You must come back. sorry.

The flights will run from December this year until May 2018.

Although $99.99 only covers one way, rest assured you're getting a great deal no matter what. According to "Travel Insurance Review", the average round-trip ticket price to Europe in the most expensive season is US$1,000 to US$1,500; the cheapest price is only about US$500 at most. Either way, WOW Air offers flights at a fraction of the typical cost. This sounds like the best holiday gift ever.

The destinations they offer can’t be underestimated either. In fact, you can even visit these cities on a budget and buy super affordable tickets. For example, Thrillist Travel ranked Dublin as one of the cheapest cities to travel to in Europe in an article earlier this year. Hotels are reasonably priced, and there are private guest houses; you can easily find accommodation between $40 and $80 per night. If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, buy the Dublin Pass, which gives you access to all attractions except Trinity College and benefits from a reduced daily flat rate.

Dublin isn't the only promising destination on the WOW list. You can choose almost any of these locations and be very happy with your choice.

CNN Travel ranks the Netherlands as the sixth happiest country in the world and Iceland as the third happiest country. Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot filled with art, culture and history. The Dutch capital regularly ranks at the top as one of the most liveable cities in Europe and the world, as well as being an environmentally friendly and global center of innovation. Likewise, Reykjavik, Iceland is a top destination with natural hot springs (like the Blue Lagoon), frozen waterfalls, and the city center's main street, Bankastræti.

Then, we have London. Although the city ranks as one of the most expensive in the world, believe it or not, you can travel to London on the cheap. By swapping your expensive hotel for an Airbnb or Hostelworld, and buying a day or weekly pass for the Tube (rather than a one-time pass), you'll easily be able to leave a lot of extra cash in your wallet.

This isn't the first time WOW has offered crazy deals. In January, they purchased one-way tickets to Europe for $69. In June, transatlantic tickets were on sale for $55. This Black Friday, get ready to plan your next big vacation.