How to book accommodation in a replica cabin for your holiday

Whether you're bonding with your new boyfriend this holiday season or dealing with a romantic cold shoulder, holiday rom-coms always seem to find a way onto our screens (and into our hearts) this time of year. Maybe it’s the universal escapism they provide—a sweet storyline for your aching, broken heart, or a beautiful landscape for your dark, dreary winter nights. With Hallmark rom-coms and old classics gracing our cable channels over the next few months, you might even find yourself wishing you could get into your favorite holiday rom-coms.

And if the iconic British cottage featured in the 2006 film Holiday is your dream destination, you're in luck. Starting in fall 2023, you can stay at the nearly identical Rosehill Cottage at Cameron Diaz's British resort. The best part? You don't even need to trade houses with a heartbroken person.

Lucy Small of Georgia home design company State and Season said she began her mission to recreate the cabin after noticing a huge demand online. Although the exterior shots of Cameron Diaz's British countryside vacation were shot in reality, the interior of the house doesn't actually exist. Instead, it was built as a studio soundstage for the film.

Small chose to build a replica in the Atlanta area while maintaining a small-town feel. She works with builders, architects and engineers to try to keep the home as accurately as possible.

"If you lived there, I wanted you to feel like this was an old cottage in the English countryside and Jude Law might be knocking on the door at any moment," Small said.

Of course, some changes had to be made for building code and convenience reasons. For example, Small chose a three-bedroom cabin instead of the one-bedroom cabin in the movie. This change could be the perfect cue to turn your lonely soul trip into an intimate weekend with good friends.

Despite this, Small has ensured that the cottage has plenty of wood-burning fireplaces, wooden beams, English crockery, a library and, of course, enough English tea to keep you comfortable during your stay. Unfortunately, Jude Law is not included. So, you need to DIY your own love hobby - cute.

According to Elite Daily, the three-bedroom cottage will officially open on October 1, 2023, and reservations will begin on December 1, 2022. Room rates start at $290 per night. The added bonus of nearby Georgia scenery is free.