Pamela Anderson goes mirrorless to get ready for the 2024 Met Gala

It's hard to believe that Pamela Anderson has never graced the carpeted steps of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art before her gothic fairy tale of the 2024 Met Gala. Honestly? Her long-awaited debut makes perfect sense when the theme is "Garden of Time."

"I love the theme - to me, it couldn't be more perfect," the actor, who stars in the reality show Eden , which follows her idyllic post-Hollywood life in Vancouver, said in an interview told Bustle in an exclusive interview.

She attended the gala wearing a flowing cream-almond Oscar de la Renta gown. Stylist Orlando Pita gave her an effortless loose updo using hairspray from her namesake brand and tied it up with gorgeous bobby pins from Pandora, showing off the custom pink and white accents around her ears and neck Diamond jewelry (also Pandora).

Her makeup look was consistent with Pat McGrath Labs products, including the brand's Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation, Divine Cream Blush and the upcoming LUST: Gloss in Shadow Dare To Bare.

While what goes on behind the museum's front doors is usually kept under wraps (celebrities have reportedly gotten into trouble in the past for taking selfies inside the party), just after midnight the stars showed up in yet another glamorous party outfit. Anderson had other plans, though: She flew from garden to garden, drove straight to Central Park, and ran around in dresses (complete with diamonds and heels).

Here, Anderson talks to Bustle about her first Met Gala, why Central Park holds such a special place in her heart, and more.



How does it feel to attend the Met Gala for the first time?

I was looking forward to this exhibition, but we arrived too late and didn't get to see it. We were "on time" as I am always annoying but respectfully early... but as we climbed the stairs we were politely herded into the restaurant away from the exhibition. I heard it was beautiful and found someone describing it to me at my dining room table.

What was your favorite moment inside the museum?

Ariana Grande's "When You Believe" with Cynthia Erivo brought me to tears. It was overwhelming and truly a dream I never saw myself being a part of. I'm happy, smiling - I can't help it - and I'm so grateful.

How does your love of gardening, nature and fairies inspire your looks? How was it working with the designer?

Inspiration, creativity, joy. Fernando (Garcia) and I flew out of my garden. He sketched and we giggled and dreamed together. I gave him a tour of my house, laptop in hand, toes in the ocean, and we went from there.

It was fun to wear comfy jeans, bare face, hold a pickle jar, put on a corset, and step out into my idyllic world at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you could be anyone. It was great to see all the beautiful gowns and menswear.



How does jewelry complement the look?

Inspired by my garden, messy, imperfect surroundings and raindrops. The morning dew [inspired] the Pandora brooch and a butterfly in my hair—like I put them on and ran through the forest and the diamonds fell naturally onto my shoulders. I only have a pink diamond on my left ear to balance it out.

It’s a fairy, dryad, mischievous gnome vibe.

I just had to run, to be free - safe in the dark woods where the fairy would lose her mind and find her soul.

What’s the energy like in preparation?

The preparation was crazy – Pat [McGrath] had her team, including the camera crew. Orlando [Pita] and his guys Fernando [Garcia] and Laura [King] are very calm. Pandora security guards and their teams run from room to room.

My assistant Jonathan and my son Brandon keep everyone sane - thank God for them. I got ready without a mirror, and when my publicist Matt showed me later, I saw myself for the first time. I don’t like seeing pictures of myself – pure faith and trust – that’s what it is.

Contributed by Pamela Anderson

What prompted you to run through Central Park after the Met?

I love this park, I walked in it every day when I was in New York and always stayed nearby. I contribute to its preservation—I adopted a tree two years ago when I was doing a Broadway show and I love going to visit her. I am currently looking for a bench to adopt near the Greenfield Tavern.

I asked to be taken there rather than attend the party. I just had to run, to be free - safe in the dark woods where the fairy would lose her mind and find her soul.