12 travel ideas for a three-day weekend this summer, based on your zodiac sign

I know it’s not even June yet, but I’m already embracing the summer vibes with open arms (and high SPF – everyone, please stay safe). I've put away my winter coats in favor of all the lovely summer florals, I've started planning my summer vacation ideas for the upcoming three-day weekend, and I'm even already making my summer playlist - yes, if You happened to guess that LFO's "Summer Girls" was the featured song, so congratulations: you're right, and I 'm not ashamed of it. After all, Billy Shakespeare did write a whole bunch of sonnets.

Regardless, the only missing ingredient for summer magic is a good vacation, no matter how big or small. Summer is the season of freedom, fun, and sunshine, but you don’t need crazy vacation time to enjoy a short break. You can have a lot of fun in a simple long weekend, and there are plenty of interesting destinations that are totally worth visiting even for just a few days. But if you're just flying out on an extra Friday or Monday, how do you choose a worthwhile destination? Well, as astrology-obsessed celebrity babies (you are too, right?), we might as well take a look at the zodiac signs to find out which destination is best for us.

Everyone is unique, it's true, and each of our astrological traits is much more than our sun sign - but when it comes to identifying some basic personality traits, tendencies, and dispositions, they're certainly a big deal. Good starting point. tendency. That said, choosing some summer travel ideas for a three-day weekend based on your zodiac sign can actually be a solid (and highly enjoyable plan).

So, what have the stars prepared for your summer long weekend? Feast your eyes, come and book now!

Aries - Las Vegas, Nevada


Our resident wild boy fire ram is taking a whirlwind tour of Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it's frolicking in the streets, playing a few coins on a gleaming slot machine, or just hanging out by the pool at the hotel of their choice, Aries will love the excitement.

Taurus — Boulder, Colorado

Jeff Zendel/Shutterstock

Earth baby Taurus loves nature, and Boulder, Colorado has it all—flowers, fresh air, incredible hiking spots, state parks, and plenty of great breweries and restaurants in the city to explore. Food, drinks and flowers: what more could a Taurus ask for?

Gemini — Camping in the nearby wilderness


Geminis are energetic and easily distracted, so taking yourself on a camping trip away from the hustle and bustle would be the perfect way to soothe your soul and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. You turn off your device for a few days.

Cancer - being a tourist in your own town

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Cancers are our sensitive, Moon-ruled souls, and we love them, but we also know they tend to be homebodies. Make the most of the city you live in by simply booking fun little activities around town on the weekends that you've never tried before. There are benefits if you book a lovely room somewhere to get away from home.

Leo - Joshua Tree, California


The desert can be hot , but Leo is ruled by the Sun and summer is their season , so they can handle it. Joshua Tree, California, just a few hours drive from Los Angeles, has a beautiful national park and tons of fun spiritual activities that stretch the mind and provide great Instagram photo opportunities.

Virgo – Silent Meditation Retreat

Yevgenia Kostyaeva/Shutterstock

Virgos are eternally industrious and have the keenest eye for detail, so having a few days to unwind—like a truly relaxing, quiet meditation retreat—will be super soothing to their earthy souls . This will be the most action-packed three-day weekend you could ever dream of.

Libra—Montreal, Canada


Who says you can’t go abroad for a long weekend? Libras love luxury and art, and Montreal, a French-style city in Quebec, Canada, is the cultural capital of the province. You'll be able to admire the gorgeous architecture, visit museums, and indulge in cappuccinos.

Scorpio – Austin, Texas

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As a water sign, Scorpios gravitate towards the arts and music scenes, so music-centric Austin, Texas will have you covered. Enjoy sumptuous and delicious meals and the city's famous restaurant selections, plus enjoy live music at numerous venues throughout the weekend.

Sagittarius — Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


If anyone could take a wild weekend trip to Mexico, it would be the passionate, travel-loving Sagittarius. Visit Puerto Vallarta's beaches during the day and head into the lively, party-filled nightlife after dark for a weekend filled with fun, excitement, and sun.

Capricorn - the nearest big city

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Caps like to keep it practical and economical - but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Choose the nearest fun or tourist city that is within reasonable distance and book yourself a long weekend stay. Even if you've been there before, take the opportunity to try new things and explore with new eyes.

Aquarius - Silly Road Trip


Air sign Aquarius loves to chat, be spontaneous, and bounce ideas off people—so spending a few hours on the road for a fun, anytime road trip is the ideal weekend getaway. Stop at every weird roadside attraction you can find, stay in the weirdest motels, and make sure to take plenty of photos along the way.

Pisces - Taos, New Mexico

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Pisces are dreamy and artistic, so they need a place that suits their style. The small town of Taos, New Mexico is small enough to explore in a weekend, but big enough to fill your weekend with art, culture, and natural beauty. Pisces will thrive in art-filled shops and museums and love beautiful natural surroundings.