You can book a room at Taco Bell, it's not a drill

I don't even know where to start. There's a lot to like and question about this new information. If you've ever considered yourself a Taco Bell fan and really wanted to live in a Taco Bell, I have some good news for you. No, you can't jump right into the Crunchwrap Supreme yet, but you can stay in Taco Bell heaven - at least for a while. If you’re wondering how to book a room at a Taco Bell hotel, I’ve got good news — The Bell: Taco Bell Hotels & Resorts is opening soon. I couldn't believe this idea had become a reality, but now it's 2019 and the dream does come true.

The Taco Bell hotel will be located in Palm Springs, California, where the company moved out of an existing hotel and, for lack of a better phrase, taco-bombed the place. The hotel has more than 70 rooms, with rates starting at $169 per night for guests 18 and older.

The hotel is only open from August 8th to 12th, so you'll have to be alert if you want to book a room. Reservations will open on the hotel's website on Thursday, June 27, at 10 a.m. Pacific time and 1 p.m. Eastern time.

What can you expect from Bale? Well, there's obviously a lot of food, including exclusive Taco Bell menu items that will debut at the hotel. But there’s also a lot of fun poolside – entertainment, activities, and more. Expect to see Feed the Beat artists, immersive films, and even a Mountain Dew Baja Blast-inspired “Freeze Lounge” — and yes, things will be pretty chill there. Of course, no matter where you are, you can find plenty of your favorite Taco Bell styles.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

“The hotel draws on Taco Bell’s vibrant colors to create a unique and flavor-filled destination that is the ultimate expression of the brand and unlike anything the brand has come before,” said Jennifer Arnoldt, senior director of retail engagement and experience at Taco Bell. In a press release, "We're excited to take a look at Taco Bell's first true Taco Bell luxury value, and we're continuing to improve it for fans to celebrate with the brand this summer and beyond. The way."

Of course, this isn't the first time the brand has transcended— Taco Bell seems determined to invade every area of ​​your life, and frankly, people are welcoming it with open arms. You can already wrap yourself in a burrito blanket, courtesy of Taco Bell. You can attend a Taco Bell hiring party and work at Taco Bell forever. You can even host a party at Taco Bell and use Taco Bell accessories. But, best of all, you can get married in a Taco Bell—because that’s where all of our roads ultimately lead, am I right? We worship at the altar of Taco Bell and let them do whatever they want. this is life.

Taco Bell (literally "The Bell") may seem like something you dream about while sitting in a Taco Bell with a box of snacks, but Taco Bell promises this dream will come true. Now, it has been achieved. But with limited dates and available rooms, my guess is that bookings will go fast once they open up, so it might be time to set your alarm. Thursday, June 27th is your day—so mark your calendars, cross your fingers, and imagine yourself gently falling asleep in your dream taco shells.