Here's how to book "instant hotel" properties so you can judge them up close

Season 2 of "Instant Hotel " will be released on Netflix on Friday, and while it's fun to lie on your couch, admiring the gorgeous homes and immersing yourself in the petty infighting, you may find yourself wishing you could pre-order "Instant Hotel" Hotel Ji owns 2 properties. Luckily, that's the point of the show: they're all rentable. So, if you have a plane ticket to Australia, you can judge the properties yourself.

Season 2 is hosted by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (Changes compared to the first season Luke Jacobz) and judged by Juliet Ashworth, contestants come from across Australia. Their homes also vary from small beach houses to underground dwellings that are literally carved into the rock.

After Terry and Anita took first place in 2017 (the first season of Instant Hotel aired on Netflix last December), the competition is sure to be fiercer than ever. As Gene confidently says in the season trailer, talking about meeting the six other contestants, "We have the best instant hotel, so there's no point, really." Whether you agree or not , here’s how to book these impressive hotels for your South Pacific vacation.

Gene and Sharon

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According to 7plus, the couple is from the Queensland town of Bellenden Ker and their accommodation at the Instant Hotel is their Misty Mountain Resort. “We love and believe in what we have,” Sharon told the network. “There is no place like this in the world that offers both luxurious accommodations and complete privacy. The moment you enter the three [kilometre] private driveway, you will feel how special this location is. We offer private chefs, Massage or any other special service requested.”

According to 7plus' profile, Misty Mountain Resort is their holiday home, a 45-minute drive south of Cairns. Interested fans can reserve the property on their website or private message them on local Instagram.

Jay and Leah

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According to their 7plus profile, Leah and Jay's Instant Hotel property is a beach house with three bedrooms, one bathroom and costs $250 per night. However, the Portsea home also holds sentimental value, as Jay explains in their introduction video that he grew up there. "We loved the relaxed style and space of the beach house and the great location," his girlfriend Leah told 7plus. "It's so close to everything: the surf, the bay, Portsea Village and the famous Portsea pubs!" While it's unclear if they're still renting out their cute little bungalow, interested parties can still rent it out on Airbnb and View other houses for rent in Portsea on Vrbo.

Raz and Mark

Fun-loving couple Mark and Raz hail from Coober Pedy, South Australia. Mark is an opal miner, but he affirms in his introductory video, "Razz is the biggest gem I've ever found." The couple's house is an incredible underground cave that's actually in the Outback Digging. What is their only rule for tenants? No digging.

You can book their Miracle Cave on Airbnb, and Razz is considered a super host (but that’s obvious when you hear her infectious laugh). Staying in what they call "Fire in the Stone" will cost $292 per night if you rent the entire place, or $118 per night to rent a private room.

Debbie and Justin

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The mother and son, from Budina, Queensland, own a beachfront penthouse. "My favorite thing about this property is the view," Justin told 7plus. "All the way through the outback and all the way to the northernmost tip of the Sunshine Coast. I love waking up and being able to watch the sun coming up over the water and see the waves from my bedroom." Wish Debbie was happy with the Dachshunds (or as they say) Dachshund”) love will not be an obstacle to other contestants. You can book their gorgeous penthouse on Stayz for $736 per night.

No matter who ends up winning the instant hotel , all four hotels look like luxury resorts.