An IKEA hotel may be coming to this American city, and I'm ready for it

IKEA is not the place I go to when I'm bored or need something to do. When I go to an IKEA store, I'm a woman on a mission, but many of my friends plan a trip to IKEA to hang out in the showroom and eat cinnamon rolls. While I can't say for sure, I can understand that some people find the whole experience relaxing, which is why news of a potential IKEA hotel in New Haven, Connecticut, is a big deal. Not only will shoppers have a place to sleep if they want to make their Ikea trip a multi-day event, but the renovation will also preserve a historic building. Even if you're stressed about furniture shopping, you can go to a hotel and experience IKEA without the crowds or lines. The New Haven Independent first reported on the potential development in April, and while an Ikea spokesperson denied the company had any current plans to build it, it was reportedly discussed at a recent meeting of the New Haven Development Commission. A message. Bustle has reached out to IKEA for comment and we will update this story when we hear back.

When asked about the development, a spokesperson told the New Haven Independent that IKEA has not announced any construction plans. You might be wondering why the furniture giant chose New Haven — a city of about 130,000 residents — instead of a metropolitan area like New York or San Francisco. But the building IKEA is eyeing is not yet in use and is just steps away from the New Haven store. And it totally fits their aesthetic. To be honest, at first glance, I thought the Pirelli Tower on Long Quay was ugly, but I realized that this strict design was intentional. It is a Brutalist building, an architectural style described as "the aesthetic application of basic building processes without an overt concern for visual comfort." Built in 1969, it has been vacant since the 1990s and conservationists have long feared it would be demolished.

Wikimedia Commons/Gunnar Klack

If you are a fan of architecture and design, you may understand why this building is widely loved, although to me it looks a bit like an arty DMV. If another IKEA hotel is any indication, though, it may spruce it up. The IKEA Hotel is located in Älmhult, Sweden, and if you love the store's showroom, you'll definitely drool over this place. It's essentially the equivalent of spending the night in an IKEA store, and you can even pay to stay in a room with bunk beds. Of course, we can't rush things, especially since IKEA has yet to officially confirm its potential plans for the New Haven building. But things are looking promising, especially since New Haven Economic Development Director Matthew Nemerson confirmed the possible development to the New Haven Independent. "That's great news. It's going to be preserved," he told the New Haven Independent, adding that the city needs more hotels.

If IKEA does use the building as a hotel, it's unclear when it will actually open, but it will certainly be hyped. New Haven is just a few hours away from New York City and Philadelphia, so the proposed hotel would be ideal for those who want to relax while visiting the big city. And it won't be as expensive as you think. Rooms at IKEA Sweden start at 495 SEK per person per night, which is approximately $56 USD. As much as I would love to decorate my entire home with high-end IKEA furniture, it's not financially realistic for me. Until that day comes, I will pray that this hotel becomes a reality.