5 underrated towns in Italy that no one on your Instagram has visited yet

If you are planning a trip to Italy, then you probably have a list of destinations full of history and popular attractions that are the top reasons why you want to visit Italy. While people flock to tourist attractions for one reason or another, overtourism can cause serious damage to the environment, architecture and even the economy of surrounding areas. If you knew of some underrated towns in Italy that tourists haven’t discovered yet, you’d probably want to spend the time and resources exploring them, wouldn’t you?

Traveling to less popular areas of Italy can give you the opportunity to support small businesses that really need your support. Fewer crowds means less stress, and less foot and car traffic means a better environment to protect. If you want to explore Italy like a local and get to know its people, food and spirit, choose a smaller town or city. You know, there aren’t millions of geotags on Instagram yet, or overly inflated travel prices. AKA, wouldn't you like to visit a small town in Italy where you can buy a bottle of water for less than $5? Bustle spoke with travel expert Janice Lintz about which places in Italy won't be eroded by overtourism. According to Linz, these small towns are just as worth your time as Rome and Venice.



The city of Ravenna has it all. Beaches, art, incredible food, and tons of historical attractions. The city is home to eight different UNESCO World Heritage sites, all of which are adjacent to each other and easily accessible and, according to Linz, can be visited in a day with just a quick trip. Although it is a center of culture and beauty, it has not been overtaken by tourism and can be easily enjoyed by tourists.



If you're a sports car fan, you probably know Modena as the home of the Ferrari factory, but there's so much more to this historic city. If you are a gourmet craving for traditional Italian cuisine, you can visit Balsamico Village, where Linz recommends you to find traditional vinegar producers, or head to Parma to try prosciutto, which Linz guarantees is very delicious. There are endless markets and cathedrals you can visit, and with only about 90 miles from Florence, this haven is easy to find.



The historic village of Sperlonga has palaces, museums, amazing restaurants, gardens and picturesque alleys, just like Rome, but without any of the crowds. Here you’ll find ruins, perfect beaches and classic architecture, and you don’t have to queue to see them all.



If Italy's rocky coastline gives you a hard time, escape to this secret, flat beach town that hasn't been overrun by tourists yet. Enjoy turquoise waters and a laid-back beach vacation, or head to the historic city center to visit the Santa Maria Island Sanctuary (a veritable castle in the sky) and sample some of the freshest seafood in the world—without paying tourist prices.

Ascoli Piceno


This historic Renaissance town in central Italy is an architectural dream. With a perfect mix of ruins and well-preserved historical landmarks, you're sure to fall in love with its essence. Because it's not a tourist town, you can explore the town at your own pace, admiring the epic 13th-century ruins in the most leisurely way. Here you will also find beautiful beaches and the stunning Monti Sibillini National Park.