Millennials are postponing travel plans more than any other generation, new poll shows

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a world-class procrastinator. Whether it's setting off my alarm an unreasonable amount of times, not listening to voicemails for months, or putting off plans to vacation in Paris and London, I've found that it's all too easy to keep putting things off. Well, it turns out I'm not alone, and I can actually blame these habits on my generational status as a Millennial. According to new research conducted by YouGov PLC. American Millennials are known as the "Maybe Tomorrow" generation because of our tendency to procrastinate (I feel noticed and less lonely!). One of the most important findings is that compared to other generational groups, Millennials are significantly slacker on planning vacations and checking off things on their bucket lists (ironically, this is also the generation that fully embraces FOMO). on me). I get it, because I’ve fantasized about an epic multi-country European trip countless times, but it hasn’t actually happened yet. ah. Living, making, spending, traveling, and being a Millennial can be overwhelming at times, okay?

Good news: The travel agencies of two famous holiday destinations, London, England, and Paris, France, have joined forces for the first time to make it easier for millennials to visit both cities for their dream vacation. The campaign, launched by Visit London and Paris Tourist Offices (appropriately called London and Paris), aims to transform the two cities into a united 'big city', all with just a return air and train ticket Easily explore in one rewarding visit. Take the Eurostar between London and Paris.

It's kind of perfect for a generation of young Americans who are putting off vacations, since Millennials make less than their parents did and clearly have some procrastination issues. "Holiday procrastination appears to be a very real problem, with more and more people putting off breaks to check off experiences on their bucket list. We want to change that," said Laura Citron, chief executive of Visit London Laura Citron said in a statement. "Visitors can easily travel between the two European capitals and explore all they have to offer." Why not do it all in one visit? After all, it might be a while before you can plan another trip.

What makes visiting London and Paris so easy in "one epic trip" is the ability to travel on Eurostar, a high-speed rail link between London and other European cities. Eurostar connects both destinations in a simple journey of just over two hours. This makes getting back and forth quick and economical for travelers — meaning, yes, you could try catching a Meghan Markle/Prince Harry sighting at Kensington Palace in London during the day, then drink champagne underground at night Pass time. Eiffel Tower. You could even take a day trip to Paris and then return to London before bed! Talk about an epic vacation.

Plus, these two iconic cities are absolutely hotbeds of culture, fun, and Instagram-worthy places. Between London and Paris, there are tens of thousands of restaurants, hundreds of museums, theaters, and parks, nearly 500 nightclubs, and countless epic selfie opportunities (because you know you'll be crazy about documenting this trip). Obviously, these cities are also incredibly rich in history and culture, with over 2,350 listed monuments in total, so you can see all the classic Paris and London attractions.

While typical tourist destinations like restaurants, historical sites, and nightlife are must-sees, for those with more niche interests, there's a lot to see on a trip to the "big city." If you're always looking for a touch of whimsy (or just a quirky photo for Instagram), check out the cute, colorful houses and quaint cobbled roads of Butte aux Cailles and Portobello Road. If you like dark tourism and all things spooky, you're in luck too - you can walk through any of London's 54 abandoned tube stations that are said to be filled with ghosts, or hop on a train to Paris and see what's inside Millions of skeletons in the city's famous catacombs.

According to reports, less than 10% of US millennials have actually visited London and Paris, but a whopping 72% say they want to do it in one trip - thankfully, it's now easier than ever Visit both cities in one trip without the hassle of trying to plan multiple trips. We may be the "maybe tomorrow" generation, but let's all avoid FOMO and start planning our dream London/Paris trip now.