Mocha Chocolate KitKat will be available in November

Kit Kat flavors are perfect for most occasions. So what occasion does the latest flavor combination celebrate? Let’s just talk about breakfast. It was announced today that Kit Kat's new Duos Mocha + Chocolate bars will be available in November. This is coffee! This is chocolate! It’s perfect for breakfast because of the aforementioned coffee, right?

According to the press release, the new Mocha + Chocolate Kit Kat is... exactly what it sounds like. The classic wafer candy combines mocha-flavored cream on top with sweet chocolate on the bottom. In other words, you can drink mocha or eat mocha.

The latest addition to the Kit Kat Duo range will be available in November and is definitely worth the wait. Mocha + Chocolate Kit Kat is not just a limited edition chocolate bar, it will become a permanent part of the Kit Kat product line. So there’s no need to rush to the stores to stock up in November. You'll be able to satisfy your chocolate and mocha Kit Kat cravings for the foreseeable future.

The new KitKat bars are available in standard ($1.11) or extra-large ($1.66) sizes and are sold at most major retailers. If you needed another reason to look forward to cooler weather, Kit Kat has just the one for you.

Kit Kit innovation is nothing new. Similar to its snack brethren like Oreos and Pringles, KitKat is known for regularly launching sweet and weird new flavors. In comes the millennial pink Kit Kat. There are sweet cinnamon Kit Kats. There are even real golden Kit Kats.

Just this year, Kit Kat released some new limited-edition flavors, including Birthday Cake Kit Kats, Apple Pie Kit Kats and Witches Brew Kit Kats, which are all green and taste like marshmallows. However, the latest Mocha and Chocolate Kit Kat has some notable differences from these new bars: All three flavors are based on white chocolate, while the new Mocha + Chocolate features classic milk chocolate. Additionally, while these flavors are only available for a limited time, the newest flavors are Kit Kat's latest permanent flavors.

The Mocha + Chocolate Kit Kat is the follow-up to the Mint + Dark Chocolate Kit Kat combination released in 2019. If you haven't tried the Chocolate and Mint Mash-Up yet, there's no need to panic search on eBay as they're also in a permanent line. The Mint + Dark Chocolate Kit Kat combo is the first new permanent flavor in nearly a decade. Luckily, we've only had to wait a little over a year for this latest addition. Hopefully the latest Mocha + Chocolate Kit Kat will be as delicious as the other Kit Kat flavors.