The group had to undergo a major relocation due to the coronavirus pandemic

With an all-star cast and new stand-alone drama, Syndicate returns for Season 4 tonight on BBC One. The story follows a group of low-wage kennel workers who decide to try their luck in a weekly lottery when facing unemployment. Destiny has destined them to win, but things begin to unravel when they realize their winning ticket has been snatched away. This thriller follows a transatlantic chase as the team attempts to track down the culprit. So, where was "Syndicate " season 4 filmed?

Much of Syndicate 's fourth season was filmed in the lush green surroundings of Yorkshire, with scenes shot in Leeds, Otley, Ilkley and Burghley in Wharfdale. Screenwriter Kay Mellor originally planned to take Season 4's cat-and-mouse storyline as far away as Las Vegas, but COVID-19 restrictions stymied that plan. This includes filming delays since the show was first announced in February 2020.

"The lockdown has been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us," Mailer said in a statement to Bustle. "As people realized how serious the COVID-19 situation was, I started to worry about the United States because they The COVID-19 infection rate is so high.”

"I'd been to Monaco, maybe only two years ago, so I remember it, the casinos and the hotels, and how you felt there - basically poor," Mailer explained. "Unless you have a lot of money in Monaco, you feel like a fish out of water. I thought to myself, 'Actually, Monaco feels more relevant.'" So the cast also flew there to film some of the series.

Syndicate Season 4 boasts a strong cast, including Neil Morrissey ( Line of Duty, Unforgotten, The Good Samaritan) ; Emily Head ( The Inbetweeners, I Murdale ); Taj Atwal ( Duty, The Club) ; Catherine Rose Morley ( 13, Last Tango in Halifax) ; Kieran Urquhart ( North Water, Vera ) and Liberty Hobbs ( Grey's Anatomy ) make their UK debut.

Season 4 of The Syndicate airs tonight (March 30) on BBC One at 9pm