Kim, what happened to the cardigan?

When Kim Kardashian walked up the steps to the Met Gala on Monday night, everyone was thinking the same thing: "Wow, she looks unreal," followed closely by "What's up with this cardigan?" "

On the most fashionable night of the year, Kardashian wore a shimmering John Galliano for Maison Margiela evening gown composed of chrome leaves and a matching silver bodice. Finally, Kardashian completed her dazzling look with a gray cardigan sweater.

As time went on, more questions began to bother me: Why was she wearing it? Was this a last minute addition? Maybe a jumper to compensate for a wardrobe malfunction? Why is it so fluffy?

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When our new knitwear queen began her interview, the styling choices got even more confusing. In a now-viral video, she told Vogue magazine that she was wearing "her boyfriend's sweater," sending critics sitting at the Met Gala into a tizzy.

Just hours after she responded to Tom Brady dating rumors, he made a surprise appearance at Netflix's Roast on Sunday night. "I'm not planning on coming tonight, but since I'm not being Tom's date, I still have a good chance," Kardashian joked. "Speaking of Tom and I dating, I know there are some rumors out there that we did, but I will never say if we did. I just want the tape to be out there."

But given his 6-foot-4 height, what appears to be a child-sized cardigan doesn't seem right for the former football player, nor for Kardashian's most recent rumored ex-boyfriend, Odell Beckham Jr. . In fact, judging by its shabby appearance, I'm guessing the little sweater is more likely to have come from one of her children's wardrobes.

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That seems even more likely when you consider Kardashian's full red carpet interviews. While many focused solely on the word "boyfriend," her full quote hints that she may have meant it figuratively.

Speaking about her styling concept, she said: "It was like - what did we just say? - it was the wildest night of my life, in the garden, and I ran out and grabbed my boyfriend's sweater to wear on, and then it's time to go to work." She then added, "My hair is all messed up," referring to her loose braids and textured waves.

Dimitrios Cambris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian seemed to just want to explain how her outfit fit the night's theme rather than forcefully introduce her new beau. So if this isn't actually her boyfriend's sweater, the question remains: Why is she wearing it?

In my opinion, the answer is simple: for fashion. By all appearances, Kardashian's sweater appeared to be a last-minute throw on, likely added when her finished look didn't quite fit. Its inclusion was the right choice.

Through an unexpected combination of high-glam foliage and comfortable loungewear, her outfit perfectly blended the "Sleeping Beauty: Reviving Fashion" exhibition theme and the "Garden of Time" dress code—a near-impossible feat at the Met Gala. .

While we won't know the truth until the next season of "Kardashians" airs on Hulu, the cardigan appears to be just a cardigan, albeit a fuzzy one.