10 Tips for Great Camping Sex

We always hear that we can have better sex, better orgasms, or better relationships. But how often do we hear the substance of how to better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? Bustle hired sex therapist Vanessa Marin to help us iron out the details. There are no restrictions on gender, sexual orientation or questions, and all questions remain anonymous. Now, onto this week’s topic: how to have sex while camping.

Q: "My partner and I are going on an epic camping trip to end the summer. We're both new to camping, so we've done a lot of research to be prepared. One of the questions that comes to mind is what to do while camping Sex . I’m excited to do it in a new place, but also a little worried about some of the logistical challenges (hygiene, comfort, etc.) Any advice on making the most of camp sex?”

Answer: Thank you for your question! Sex outdoors can be polarizing. Some people enjoy novelty and adventure, while others are distracted by mistakes and lack of privacy. That being said, this is definitely something you should experience at least once in your life. Here are 10 simple tips for having great sex while camping.

1. Pack a big tent

If you're going on a long camping trip, you'll probably be trying to keep your gear as light as possible. Unfortunately, if you want to have sex, a two-person tent simply won't cut it. When a tent says it's good for two people, what it really means is: "This tent is good for two people who want to crawl in, lie down, and do no further." You need a tent that seats at least four people to feel that way Comfortable. Bigger tents do tend to be more of a pain to carry, but when you have room to stretch out your limbs, it's worth it...if you know what I mean.

2. Stay comfortable

The first thing you should bring into your tent is a pair of sleeping pads. The ground is hard and you don't want branches and rocks digging into your back when you're trying to put it on (let alone when you're trying to sleep). If you decide to have sex outside your tent (more on that later), you can drag a sleeping pad or two out to help protect your body from rough ground. When it comes to sleeping bags, try unzipping one and laying it as flat as possible. Unzip the second and use it as a blanket to cover your body. You can always zip two sleeping bags together, but that can get a little hot and cramped. You can also try this cozy-looking sleeping bag for two.

3. Find a secluded place (if necessary)

The tent has zero soundproofing, so you’ll want to make sure you set up somewhere relatively private. Unfortunately, many popular campgrounds can get very crowded during the summer. If you're hiking into a campground, take a little extra time to try and find a secluded corner. If you're driving, try a little off-roading (if your area allows it). At the very least, please don’t camp and mingle with families with kids! Camping is a time to learn about the real birds and bees, not the figurative ones.

4. Stay in the dark

Make sure you turn off your flashlights and desk lamps when you turn them on, unless you want people around you to see your body perfectly lit up the side of the tent. Tents are not designed with sex in mind.

5. Get creative

If you can’t find somewhere private enough or your tent isn’t comfortable enough, you can get creative and try having sex somewhere else. If you have a car, you can always get in for extra privacy. If you're brave enough, try running fast against a rock or tree. Or just kid yourself into keeping it PG-13 and wait until you come back and go all the way.

6. Watch out for mistakes

Bugs are probably the biggest enemies you have to deal with on your outdoor sex adventures. They are indiscriminate and will bite any exposed flesh. You definitely don’t want to spray pesticide anywhere near your vagina, where you’ll be particularly vulnerable (in fact, it’s also a good idea to wipe it off before having sex, as you don’t want to leave any traces) of these chemicals entering your genitals). If you seem to be in a bug-prone area, or near water during mosquito season, do yourself a favor and stay in a tent. Give it a quick sweep with your flashlight to make sure you don’t have any stray bugs on you—and don’t forget to check for ticks afterward!

7. Bring baby wipes

Baby wipes are an absolute must on a camping trip. If you're hiking for hours at a time, you're going to get a bit moldy. There's nothing shameful about having body odor; it's just a human reality. Still, it's good to feel refreshed before intimacy, especially if you want to have oral sex. A quick wipe down of your baby shower can make you feel a lot better. Your campsite may not have showers, so baby wipes may even be your only way to stay clean during your trip (and between romp-ins).

On a logistical note, do the planet a favor and buy biodegradable wipes. You'll also want to avoid using wipes that contain strong chemicals or fragrances, as you'll be using them on your most intimate areas, and these ingredients may cause infection.

8. Use condoms (even if you don’t usually do this)

If your partner has a penis, one of the best ways to keep it clean is to use condoms. Even if you don't use condoms during non-camping sex, I still highly recommend using them in this situation. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess after he cums or having anything dripping from you during sex. Just tie it up and throw it in the trash. If there are no dumpsters near your campsite, be sure to bring condoms with you (yes, "pack, pack" includes condoms too).

9. Bring a disposable lube pack

If you're really limited on space, you can also grab a super-convenient disposable lube pack, like this Sliquid Sampler , and try a few varieties. Don't forget to dispose of the bag properly after use. If you also enjoy using a vibrator, then a battery-operated vibrator is obviously your best choice since you may not have access to an outlet.

10. Keep sex positions simple

Obviously, there are quite a few logistical challenges when it comes to camp sex, so do yourself a favor and stick with what you know. Now is not the time to try anal sex for the first time. Keep it simple and enjoy the things you already know you like. If you're having sex, missionary, spooning (facing the same direction), or face-to-face are all good choices because they don't require a lot of space or movement.

Happy camping!

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