You can get paid $10,000 this summer just to take travel and vacation photos — here's how to apply

If you have serious wanderlust but are short on funds, I have good news. You can get paid $10,000 to travel in the summer. seriously. If you think this sounds too good to be true, it actually is. Days Inn just announced their Sun-ternship program, giving one lucky Sun-tern a $10,000 stipend to travel across the country for a month to take photos, which is a great way to combine your love of vacation with your affinity for Together, your dreams come true and you find photos worthy of being posted on Instagram. "We are looking for a creative amateur photographer with a passion for adventure and the ability to travel around the United States for a month this summer. If you are a thrill seeker looking for new, unforgettable experiences, then You might be just the right fit for Bill,” Days Inn announced in its Sunshine Intern job description.

"Bring your sunscreen, because this month's Sunshine Internship will have you shooting photos in America's sunniest cities—from sunrise yoga in San Diego to sunset cruises in Miami, and plenty of sun-kissed moments in between. More Importantly, you'll get major photos taken along the way that will be displayed on our website, social media channels and hotel walls, and we'll bring the sunshine indoors with our sun-themed art in nearly 1,500 hotels across the country. Your own sunshine photos will be the star of the show. Choose the location. So if you take beautiful photos really well, you might just get discovered, as the whole sunshine internship is a great way to build your photography portfolio. .

Days Inn by Wyndham

You'll also receive a warm recommendation from Barry Goldstein, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Wyndham Hotel Group, and receive five-year Wyndham Rewards Diamond status, which means early check-in , late check-out and more perks. Well, yes please! If you're wondering, where do I go to register now, I've got all the information. You can apply for Days Inn Sunshine, which opens April 30 and ends May 20, by sending your best original outdoor photos and a 100-word description of why you are the only person for this job via the Days Inn website Internship Program. If you manage to get the job, it's bound to stir up a huge amount of FOMO among your friends.

"Your summer mission snap? Seize the moment. Take beautiful photos of the sun. Check them out at the hotel and online," Days Inn writes on its website. "Get paid. Be the envy of all your friends (and the most sun-kissed ). “Does this summer job get any better? Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring an unfamiliar place can teach you a lot about yourself. What's more, if you're a die-hard introvert like me, traveling with a purpose, like taking photos of your internship, gives you a reason to talk to strangers and makes things less awkward.

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Apart from this, traveling is also great for your physical and mental health. According to the Chopra Center, numerous studies show that travel can reduce stress, improve heart and brain health, increase creativity, maintain good health, relieve depression, and more. Additionally, traveling can help change your perspective because when you are away from the stress of your home environment, you can see your problems from an outsider's perspective. "Not just taking time away from work, but actually leaving where you live is really important because This is the only way to achieve this goal.”

Taking a break from hiding allows you to return to "real life" with fresh eyes, which can help you see solutions that aren't so obvious when you're stuck in the rut of everyday life. If you don't get a Sunshine internship, try making travel a priority this summer, even if it's just a day out of town to go camping. You can even connect with a women-only travel networking group called Girls LOVE Travel, which encourages single female travelers to meet each other on the road. It also helps them find safe accommodation around the world. Traveling really helps reveal how easily we can get caught up in our own lives and miss out on the amazing things happening around us. That being said, someone has to grab the job, so you should apply for a Sunshine internship opportunity as soon as possible.