Yellowstone and 1883 filming locations include beautiful tourist attractions

If Kevin Costner's horseback ride against the idyllic backdrop of Paramount's Yellowstone Park makes you consider donning a cowboy hat and heading to a nearby ranch, you're not alone. In the Western drama "Yellowstone," now in its fourth season, Native reservations and land developers are trying to gain ownership of the Dutton family ranch, Montana's largest cattle ranch. But not if family patriarch John Dutton (Costner) can help it.

In December of this year, the show's creator Taylor Sheridan also launched the prequel "Yellowstone" "1883" , starring Sam Elliott and real-life couple Faith Hill Hill and Tim McGraw. The spinoff will follow the Dutton family's journey from the Great Plains to Montana in the late 19th century - 1883 to be exact - before they became the all-powerful force that fans of the Dutton family know and love. So expect to see more unspoiled terrain in the new show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sheridan said of the decision to film in real-life settings with beautiful scenery and lush ranches, "I'm not going to build a world with visual effects," adding, "I'm going to shoot things that people can't imagine. corner of the world”. never seen it. Although doing so is "extremely expensive" and "very difficult", he firmly believes that "when you need 50 trucks, you will see 50 [real] trucks." ” If you too want to unleash your inner rancher, here’s a list of all the filming locations for “Yellowstone” and “1883” for you to visit. Whether or not you go on a horseback trip is entirely up to you.

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Yellowstone Park and Montana 1883 Filming Locations

The Dutton Family Ranch is located in the heart of Yellowstone Park. Outside parties clamor for possession of the vast property, while Costner's John and his relatives fight to protect it. This is understandable. Many scenes were shot in the spacious 6,000-square-foot cabin. Yellowstone set designer Carla Curry even said in the "Into the Real Yellowstone Ranch" special, "That's the beauty of the show, because the cabin has actually become a part of our show. A character."

This gorgeous real estate complex is actually a real-life working family ranch in Darby, Montana, the Chief Joseph Ranch. The 2,500-acre ranch began as an apple orchard in 1914, and previous owners built cabins and barns, according to the agency's website. Fans of the show or those who just want a taste of ranch life can book either of the two cabins, which rent for $1,200 to $1,500 per night. Or, for a cheaper option, fans can take photos with the "Dutton Ranch" sign at the entrance.

Likewise, Yellowstone's Brocken Rock Indian Reservation, led by Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), was filmed on actual Native American territory in the state. The Crow Indian Reservation of the Crow Tribe, located in southern Montana, was established in 1868 and is the largest tribal land in the state. Regarding allowing the team to film in their hometown, Crow Nation tribal chairman AJ Not Afraid told Variety , "We've always been more stereotypical, but here, the people who attend the show come out and reckon with the terrain and the people, and they get a better taste of the native flavor. . ” He added that they could film as long as they “have an opportunity to portray some Aboriginal facts.” The casino scenes were also filmed at Crow Agency's Tribal Casino.

Another century-old monument featured in the show is the Montana State Capitol in Helena, where scenes in the governor's office, including courtroom scenes, were filmed. Visitors can tour the building and also visit the Governor's Hall.

As for the beautiful mountain scenery? This was actually filmed in the Bitterroot Valley, part of the Rockies.

Yellowstone Park and Texas 1883 Filming Locations

Sheridan, a Texas native, also included destinations in his native Yellowstone and its affiliated areas, including two other ranches. When Jefferson White's ranch hand character Jimmy Hurdstrom is sent to, uh, learn how to be a cowboy in Yellowstone Season 4, he goes to the Four-Six Ranch. This is actually another real-life working ranch that covers 260,000 acres and was established in 1870. (It was the inspiration for another Yellowstone spin-off, Project 6666 , and will become the main location) According to The Outsider. ) Sheridan also highlighted some of the local restaurants he himself frequented on the show, including Mary's Brazos Cafe in Park County.

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Meanwhile, spinoff 1883 also spent a lot of time filming in Texas this summer. Similar to the Dutton family ranch, the main ranch used in 1883 was the Bosque Ranch headquarters in Weatherford, Texas, is another operating horse farm that is actually owned by the show's creators. (Sheridan was an avid equestrian and was even inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.) According to the ranch’s website, the ranch hosts weekend events, competitions and rodeos, and offers dining experiences as well as private Space for rent.

The Fort Worth Stockyards, a historic district in Fort Worth, Texas, formerly known as "Cowtown," was another key filming location for "1883." The tourist attraction features Old West gunfight reenactments on the weekends and daily cattle drives (yes, that includes photo opportunities with the livestock). It is an activity center and therefore offers dining and shopping options for visitors. Some locations in Fort Worth are already featured in Yellowstone , including the Will Rogers Memorial Center, a 120-acre equestrian and activity center, but the spinoff will highlight Yellowstone even more Livestock-centered history.

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Filming locations for "1883 " also included historic Granbury Square, a street lined with local shops and dining options, as well as the interior of local restaurant Farina's Winery & Cafe. To recreate the 1883 experience, take a walking tour of Granbury and enjoy a glass of wine as a nightcap at Farina's.

Yellowstone Park and Utah 1883 Filming Locations

Most scenes from seasons one through three were actually shot at Utah Film Studios in Park City, including the Duttons' master bedroom, the governor's office, and other scenes that required the use of CGI on the studio soundstage. Likewise, some of the scenery in Montana during the first three seasons is actually that of Heber City, Oakley, Grantsville, Camas, and Logan, Utah. By season four, however, Yellowstone production left the Beehive State and filmed exclusively in Montana and Texas.

Utah Film Studios Vice President Marshall Moore shared the impact the show's withdrawal will have on Utah's tourism industry. "Even I'm getting calls asking, 'How's Yellowstone doing?'" They're hiring this, buying this, he told the Deseret News . Now we don’t have any such business. "

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In addition to the studio, the show also shoots at a number of real-life locations in Utah. Remember Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston), the radical real estate developer who plotted to build a casino (and more) on Dutton's property? His modern residence is actually a location in Utah: the Nicklaus Club Cape in Park City. It has amenities such as a golf course and an equestrian center, plus guests can choose to ski in the Rockies.

The nightclub Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) frequents in the show is the Outlaw Saloon in Ogden, Utah, which usually prides itself on its bustling Utah nightlife. According to the San Antonio Express-News, the show even highlighted American artists both on-screen (mainly performing in salons) and off-screen, helping to introduce them to a wider audience.