Who are the 'Love Island' contestants? No clothing is allowed in the villa

Love Island really does have all the relationship drama you need. For six weeks, you can take a break from your love life and focus entirely on what's going on in the villa. While their relationship status may change, the islanders always seem to wear the same outfit, come rain or shine. So, does Love Island have a dress code?

Love Island has become a great source of bikini inspiration as brands seize the opportunity to offer swimwear to winter Islanders. Viewers noticed, however, that the islanders seemed a bit standoffish at times. Generally, islanders wear swimsuits all day long, leading some to question whether there is a dress code in the villa, like everything else. For example, The Mirror reports that contestants are not allowed to wear clothing with eye-catching logos. But what about warm clothing? I contacted a Love Island representative who told me islanders "can wear whatever they want". Obviously, we have costumes for any themed challenge. "

One viewer tweeted: "Molly is literally shaking. What's the story with weather like this? They look like they need to take off their winter sweaters." Likewise, another wrote, "They must have been told, They need to wear bathing suits all the time no matter the weather, these people look cold," another added. "Why are they half naked in the cold weather? The weather looks bad. Viewers are used to it in Spain. The sun is so scorching that it feels almost wrong to see the islanders on an overcast day.

According to the Times, this winter villa is located in a community called Eagles Nest in Cape Town, South Africa. The weather currently fluctuates between 27 and 22 degrees, and it's not sunny every day. It's also quite wet and windy.

Summer in South Africa lasts until March 2020, so the islanders are spending the summer in Cape Town. While it's hard not to think they must have been feeling a bit chilly lounging by the pool in their bathing suits on a cloudy day, as ITV said there was no dress code for the islanders, they must have voluntarily chosen to channel the summer vibe.

And they don't limit themselves to their own wardrobe. According to Glamor , I Saw It First provides islanders with clothing and accessories to ensure they are adequately outfitted during their stay. Likewise, Love Burst and LookFantastic.com are on hand to provide islanders with any makeup and hair products they may need to look amazing day or night.