The 13 Stages of Spring Break Romance

It’s that time of year again. Spring break is just around the corner; that means people from all over the world will be heading to vacation spots around the world. And, with the exotic locales come opportunities for romance. If you've ever had a spring break relationship, you know that it inevitably goes through 13 stages.

Spring break romances are those elusive unicorns that you always try to hold onto too tightly. Holding on to the memory of spring break as it comes and goes, often to avoid a full return to reality when the vacation is over. It's hard to let go of a whirlwind week of romance with the perfect person, but the holidays always end at some point.

Should you fall in love during spring break? Assuming you're single, if this sounds like something you'd like , the answer should be yes . Have fun, relax and enjoy your week with a girl or guy. It's definitely worth it - you just have to know what you're getting into. So know the stages, know the signs, and get your spring spree started.

1. Get ready for a night out

Maybe you're on a plane, maybe you're already at the hotel, but you and your friends are getting ready for a night out . You drank the cocktail and you were excited. Let's find love.

2.You caught a glimpse

Wow! Who is that hot girl?

3. Your eyes meet

Instantly, boom. Fiery chemical reaction. It's time to start the party.

4. Your first greeting

As you started to test each other out, you worked up the courage to say an awkward hello.

5. You had an epic night

Whether you're partying at the beach or dancing the night away at the club with friends, you're in for a whirlwind night that can only be epic.

6. Hot and heavy

It's time to start using it .

7. You spend all day together

Take a romantic walk on the beach, go out to eat, drink, and dance the night away. You cover everything up and stick it together like white on rice.

8.You promise to be together forever

Last night, you were all filled with “this was the best week of my life,” “we totally stay in touch,” and “I think this might be a real thing.”

9. D-Day

The last day of spring break romance is here, you just didn’t know it was the last day. With tears in your eyes, you bid us a heartfelt farewell with romantic kisses and lingering hugs until you return home. Everything is so dramatic.

10.How many days do you send text messages?

It seems this may be true. You check in to make sure each other gets home safely, then reminisce about the romance and fun you had together.

11.They disappeared

Suddenly, they were gone . Or maybe you're just too busy with real life to check your phone or see if there are any messages waiting in your Facebook inbox. Regardless, communications suddenly stopped completely.

12. You wonder what will happen

Someone asks about your trip, and your heart briefly flutters at the thought of this brief but passionate entanglement that you thought might be the only one.

13. You completely forget about that person and move on

You realize your spring break romance is exactly what it's meant to be - an indulgence filled with fun and zero drama. So, you move on. After all, summer vacation is coming.

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