"Travel Drawing" Summer Style Creative Dishes

After taking a look at Meagan Morrison's nomadic Instagram @TravelWriteDraw, you might be planning your next dream vacation, upping your #ootd game, or at the very least, spending more time than you'd like to admit getting lost in her sophistication feed. The New York-based illustrator travels to all corners of the globe every day, from Tanzania to Tokyo, depicting every step of her journey through the lens of fashion and art. The best part? Every stunning painting or FOMO-inducing travel snap is accompanied by a witty caption or rap lyric. Anyway, this girl is hot.

She grew up in Queensville, Ontario, an idyllic town full of old-school movie theaters, farm animals, and rolling hills, and she visited New York as a teenager and fell in love with the city Undeniable energy. Since then, she's made her home in the city that never sleeps, serving clients with custom sketches and customized social media content for fashion and travel brands such as Harper's Bazaar , Diane von Furstenberg, and Conde Nast Traveler . With the dog days of summer just around the corner, we teamed up with H&M to catch up with Meagan to learn more about how she plans to spend the season, what inspires her and, of course, what she'll be wearing to stay stylish. heat.

Her go-to outfit for warm weather

Features: Long tank top and sunglasses, H&M.

"This is my quintessential summer outfit for me, it will take me from lunch meetings to gallery visits and after-get off work drinks. I like very clean silhouettes, so a simple black dress paired with a pop of orange tank top is for me The perfect combination. It's simple, chic, and still showcases my creative flair.

“Summer gives me so much freedom with my mood and style. I hate layering and fussy outfits in the winter. When summer (finally) arrives and all you have to do is throw on a pretty dress and cute slippers, I’m so Delight! I also love letting my hair dry naturally when I leave the apartment without having to worry about the arctic tundra temperatures. ”

her life motto

"My number one fashion tip is always to embrace being yourself. I love that New York women are unapologetically themselves. When it comes to summer specifically, I would say, always have a pair of flats in your handbag if you can. This is Perfect time of year to hit the pavement and walk around the city. ”

Her favorite New York City view

"I lived in the West Village for five years, so when I first started my fashion illustration career here, I have very fond memories of the area. On the weekends, I used to walk to the Hudson River and listen to music Drawing on the side. The feeling of being next to open water in a concrete jungle like New York is immeasurable. That's why I love the High Line so much. It allows you to see the river from above. Beautiful views, access to amazing art—from the Whitney Museum to Chelsea Galleries—and great shops in the Meatpacking District, what more could you ask for on a summer Friday!”

Her best summer memory

“When I was 20, I was studying art history in Florence and living with 12 classmates in a house near the San Lorenzo market. We had summer passes to the Uffizi Gallery and I ate ice cream every day after school. I didn’t realize my love for fashion, art and travel could coexist in a career. Now I’m absolutely sure they can and very much can.”

Her motto: location, location, location

"Place is the starting point for almost every illustration I create. It sets the mood and helps me determine the story I want to tell, as well as the best fashion to complement the destination. When I travel, I want everything about that specific place The flavors and their culture come through in my paintings. I just returned from Japan and Portugal, these visually rich destinations where everything from the food to the architecture, the landscapes to the people inspired my work.”

Her summer tunes on repeat

"Drake, Disclosure, Satin Jackets, Sampha, SBTRKT, Rihanna (obviously)."

This post is sponsored by H&M .

Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Makeup: Jamie Dorman

Image: Lauren Pearlstein