How to Take a Disney Cruise as a Group, Couple, or Solo Traveler

If you're considering booking an adults-only trip with Disney Cruise Line, you're probably already a fan of the rats, so I won't waste any time preaching to the chorus. Indulging your inner child is one of life's great joys, and Disney is known to be one of the best places to do it. So what does the company’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish, look like?

My partner and I went on a christening cruise, a sort of launch party for a new ship, and experienced everything that was in store for guests on the ship's maiden voyage and first Caribbean season on July 14th. As a newbie to cruising, I was hesitant and naturally worried that the traditional magic of a Disney vacation wouldn't translate to the company's new 144,000 gross ton cruise ship. With 1,254 guest rooms, 70% of which have their own private balconies, the ship is the largest yet. Fortunately, its atmosphere and charm match its size.

In addition to the standard character interactions and assorted Mickey-shaped treats, Wish offers a whole new world of adult experiences for guests 18+ that don’t take away from the warmth you feel in the park. The ship isn't designed specifically for adults—let's face it, kids are never ignored when Mickey is concerned—but Disney pays special attention to adults, with a wide variety of dining and Entertainment options.

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Think of Disney Wish as a floating all-inclusive resort. Meals, some snacks, soft and hot drinks and most activities and entertainment options (more on this below) are included in the prepayment fee. Costs for spa and beauty treatments, alcoholic beverages and "signature" restaurants (i.e. upscale adults-only restaurants that require reservations in addition to the dining rotation) are not included and should be factored into your onboard budget.

And, like an all-inclusive resort, you rarely have to leave the ship during your stay. Whether you're traveling with a group of friends, a couple, or alone, this boat has something to suit you and your itinerary. Here are our top picks:

If you are traveling in a group

Traveling as a group of adults can be challenging, especially when all parties have different vacation goals. Luckily, this ship has most bases covered, from high-end dining to themed drinks that will make even the most die-hard skeptic smile.

Enjoy an adults-only dinner at Palo Steakhouse

Disney Cruise Line's signature restaurant is not new; it was introduced on Magic ships in 1998 and has since been introduced on Wonder, Dream, Fantasy and Wish ships. Despite its age, Palo remains one of the best adults-only attractions on the ship. Waiters take your preferences into consideration before recommending a three-course meal and drink, but there's no pressure on you to choose their suggestions. For us, the appetizers on the Palo menu were great for sharing: my partner and I tried three appetizers before our individual main courses and a shared dessert. Our waiter Silvio served us Portabella, Morel, Crimini and Porcini Risotto as well as spicy Dover Piquant Dover Sole. As a pescatarian, despite the "steakhouse" name, I was catered for and could have a completely vegetarian meal without compromising on taste. Here you can cater for a wide range of dietary requirements without any problems.

Palo is the perfect spot for your group's last night on board dinner, thanks to its quiet-but-not-too-quiet dining room, large tables (we sat at a table for four, even though there were only two of them), and adjoining surroundings Head to the Rose Lounge. After-dinner cocktails, anyone?

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Stand up at Tranquility Bay

An adults-only beach on Disney’s private island? Say less! Serenity Bay is tucked away on the other side of Castaway Cay, a 1,000-acre Bahamas island owned by Disney and available exclusively to Disney Cruise Line guests. It's a short ride on the island's express shuttle service to the 18+ beach, which offers hammocks, lounge chairs and ample parasols for those who prefer shade. (The cast pointed out that we could have walked for 25 minutes, but probably would have gotten burned due to the lack of shade.) The water is shallow enough to sit down, which means you can have a drink at the nearby Castaway Air bar and enjoy staying cool. at the same time. Many groups even take smaller deckchairs into the ocean and set up camp there.

If you get tired of relaxing, Disney also hosts a series of excursions. Your group can swim with the stingrays for $56 per person, or rent a water trike for $26 per 30 minutes. provides a detailed list of what's currently available on the island, most of which are perfect for groups of two or more.

Take a galactic jump in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is located on Deck 3, off the main thoroughfare of the ship. Behind slightly hidden sliding doors that open with the push of a button (literally), you'll find an immersive bar experience complete with window-sized LED screens that periodically simulate jumps into hyperspace. In between drinks, guests can watch their "yacht-class spaceship" galactically hop to distant planets like Batuu and Tatooine.

Most of the drinks on the menu come with fun interactive elements that are introduced by the waiter when the drink arrives at your table. Freetown Reserve Whiskey from Tatooine, for example, displays steam-filled bubbles that give off a smoky aroma when popped. For coconut lovers, there's Berken's Flow from Mustafar, which has a hidden message that can only be read under UV light. But it was the $5,000 Kaiburr crystal cocktail that generated the most buzz online. According to Elite Daily, the cocktail is more of a "Star Wars experience," including goodies like souvenirs and a coupon for a solo trip to Skywalker Ranch, the Voice's "pastoral home." .

If you are traveling as a couple

Being stranded at sea surrounded by children and giant versions of animated movie stars may not sound romantic, but Disney Wish makes it easy to sneak away and enjoy some alone time with your significant other — leave the nanny alone The atmosphere is reduced to a minimum.

Pamper yourself at Senses Spa

The entire Disney Cruise Line fleet is equipped with Senses Spas, as are many inland resorts. On Wish, guests can book treatments such as facials and acupuncture, or purchase passes to the rainforest, which features a state-of-the-art freezer.

We opted for the 50-minute couple's massage, which was perfect for a pair of nervous social media managers desperate to be separated from their phones for more than 5 minutes. After our treatment, we made use of the spa's steam room and showers, which are stocked with luxury British skincare brand Elemis, and lounged around in waffle robes until we felt refreshed and ready to venture out on the deck.

Enjoy live music at Nightingale's

On the last night of our cruise, the Nightingale Piano Bar was packed. Sophisticated decor, mood lighting and low tables give the room an intimate and romantic feel from the start. The conversation is accompanied by live jazz versions of Disney classics such as "Under the Sea," as well as recent hits such as "Tangled," "The Princess and the Frog," and more. When it comes to drinks, the themed cocktails are the highlight: the "Sweet Nightingale" is poured into a delicate nightingale glass. Elsewhere, the menu is dominated by gin and botanical flavors, leaning into Cinderella's country roots.

See a Broadway-style show at the Walt Disney Theater

Musical theater fans are in for a treat aboard the Disney Wish. The Walt Disney Theater presents three Broadway-style shows, the flagship of which is a new adaptation of the 1989 classic "The Little Mermaid." We got a sneak peek at the show's incredible costumes, choreography and performances. There's also Disney's Aladdin and DisneySea , the latter of which is aimed at a younger audience but is still an enjoyable way to start the journey, especially since it features 90s hits like Go The Distance Featuring hit songs. Couples who enjoy a date night watching a show will not be disappointed. Performers and creatives come from the most iconic theater districts from around the world.

If you are traveling alone

Cruise ships are the perfect place to relax and people-watch. But if you want to be more interactive, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other Disney adults — hit the bar, Keg & Compass, or attend karaoke and trivia night at Luna.

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Try specialty coffee at Cove Cafe

Disney Imagineers succeeded in giving adults a quiet respite from the show's tunes and oversized characters. In the adults-only Quiet Cove, you'll find the Moana-themed Cove Café, offering a selection of hot drinks, wine and snacks. As for coffee, Cove Cafe offers standard French press and espresso, as well as V-60, Chemex, Aeropress and Moka. You can choose from five different beans or try one of the international specialties from regions like Vietnam, Austria and Thailand.

They even offer cold brew cocktails if you're looking for a way to enjoy your coffee a little bit. The best part? Just a stone's throw away, Quiet Cove's infinity pool is the perfect place to start your day with a book or refuel after a swim.

Watch movies at Wonderland and Neverland cinemas

Consider setting aside a time in your schedule for a special movie theater experience. Aboard the Wish, you'll find the Wonderland and Neverland movie theaters, with plush seats, hidden details (check out the Cheshire Cat and Peter Pan nods), and plenty of Disney popcorn (friends, this is no ordinary of popcorn). Guests can even watch some of Disney's latest movies: For example, during our trip, Lightyear and doctors. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is played multiple times a day. Going to the movies alone in the real world is great, but taking a Disney cruise is even better—with the added bonus of getting some air-conditioned break away from the crowds.

Enjoy a fresh experience at Untangled Salon & Hook's Barbery

Traveling solo means having your own time 24/7, in whatever form you prefer. The Untangled Salon's treatment menu includes manicures, pedicures and teeth whitening (!), while Hook's Barbery offers a range of shaves and bob treatments—the perfect way to while away a few hours if you're alone aboard the Wish. Both salons are themed after their namesake characters (Rapunzel from Tangled and Captain Hook from Peter Pan ) and include styles only Disney adults will appreciate; keep an eye out for Rapunzel of artwork and Hook's hidden bar.