How to celebrate the Fourth of July in another country

If you're looking for ways to celebrate Independence Day in another country, you might be a little bummed about not being able to attend all the activities back in your home country. However, by vacationing abroad, you will almost certainly have a better time than you would in the United States. The fact that you're overseas and therefore not automatically surrounded by cacophony and patriotic paraphernalia honoring America means you have to rely on your own creativity and invention to come up with ingenious ways to celebrate the nation's birthday. It is in these impromptu attempts to awaken a sense of holiday patriotism in a foreign city that you are sure to have the most fun.

Whether you're on vacation, studying abroad, or living abroad, in just a few steps you can host an unforgettable National Day party for your books. I spent most of my relevant (i.e. party-age) Independence Day years abroad, minoring in French in college and then getting my master's degree in Paris. I quickly learned that the key to a successful party is not to throw a party for America but to get together with great company and do your best.

Even if you can't throw a huge backyard barbecue bash and end the night under a sky filled with fireworks, if you can get as many reds, whites, and blues as possible, you'll get an A+ (stars and stars) for your efforts Bonus points) stripes), digest some American delicacies and drink some good old American wine while enjoying American hits with friends. The distance from America and the inevitable feelings of homesickness actually help inspire a stronger sense of patriotic pride. So start planning your fireworks-free Independence Day party that showcases the beauty of America no matter where you are.

1. Experience American paraphernalia

There are a variety of American appliances you should be on the lookout for before the big day. While anything in the shape of the Stars and Stripes or allusion is fine, keep an open mind. Other, less obvious merchandise can also be used to celebrate America - jerseys from American sports teams are perfect for decorating (and wearing) and movie posters from iconic American movies. When gathering a collection of quirky decorations, think outside the box—anything red, white, and blue can go a long way.

2. Dress appropriately

Dressed head to toe in red and blue or, better yet, shamelessly American brands. During the Fourth of July in Paris, I rummaged through the bins of vintage “thrift” stores to find matching red, white, and blue outfits for me and my friends. An excess of denim can also do the trick. In this photo from the French Independence Day festival, I was a guest of a guest, rocking a firetruck in a red button down, paired with a bold red lip and red, white and blue Napoleon Dynamite "Vote" I happened to put " Hat for Pedro” by your side, it’s the perfect patriotic outfit. If you have a spare American flag on hand but aren't using it as a decorative curtain, wear it as a cape or transform it into a dress.

3. Cook American dishes

Prepare a menu of all-American dishes for your Fourth of July dinner or lunch. You may have to get a little creative with the ingredients you have available, but do your best to mix up classic dishes like burgers, hot dogs, and potato casserole. If you don't feel like cooking, see if you can find an American-style or American-run restaurant or bar in town. If you do your research ahead of time, you can even ask if they are doing anything special for the big day and handle some of the party planning for you.

4. Collect American snacks

In addition to full American dishes, see what other American snacks you can serve to your guests. You may have to do a bit of a scavenger hunt, but with patience and dedication, you're sure to find fun American snacks (like cereal, candy bars, and chips) that will tug at the heartstrings of any homesick expat guest.

5. Serve American drinks

Let partygoers top off their American fare with some equally American drinks. Offer a strong selection of American beers (even some great options, depending on where you are), and be sure to offer some other softer classic American drinks like sodas and juices. Not only will they bring a refreshing dose of nostalgia, but they'll also do double duty as a mixer for some tougher drinks.

6. Play US playlist

Create a party-friendly playlist filled with popular Americana tracks to get everyone in the mood to give it a try. Blending old-school classics with new hits, a host of '90s singles will take everyone back to their youth. Make sure to plan your playlists ahead of time, as different copyright laws may not allow you to use your music streaming choice overseas.

7. Gather the troops

Invite all your friends to celebrate the Fourth of July. Don't limit the party to Americans abroad—your local friends will enjoy celebrating an American birthday just as much.

Image: Dacy Knight (6), Unsplash, Urban Outfitters