We Discovered the Secret to Sofia Richie Grainge's $16 Round Bun

For Sofia Richie Grainge, one thing is for sure: No matter the place or occasion, the elegant, sleek bun moment will "forever" be a hit.

The star is a famous fan of the chic "clean girl" haircut - so much so that it's almost become her signature. Yes, she's worn this look on countless red carpets — but she also wore her hair in a low bun on her wedding day.

Richie Grainge's right-hand hairstylist Kathleen Riley says it's possible, even simple, to recreate her popular "quietly luxurious" updo with the help of Nexxus' new rose-scented hair wax.

How to style a round bun

Thanks to A-list customers like Richie Grainge, Riley has become the bun queen of the internet. She says the secret is to overuse your product—the more, the better.

"For Sofia's Grammys look, I used Slick Stick in and around her hairline and tied it into a ponytail," she tells Bustle. "I also layer it between sections to ensure the pony is super smooth and tight without any flash."


As a finishing touch, Riley recommends applying wax with your fingertips to smooth baby's hair. The resulting look is sophisticated, elegant and can be paired with almost any outfit.

Shop Sofia's look for just $16

Slick Stick Strong Hold Hair Wax ($15.99) officially launches alongside a new line of Nexxus hair products (including hair oil, heat protection spray, and more) and is now available at stores like Ulta, CVS, Walmart, and Target.

Formulated with nourishing coconut oil, this hair wax is gentle yet strong, eliminating flyaways and unwanted frizz. It applies easily and glides right off the tube without damaging even the most fragile threads.

Nexxus Slick Stick Strong Holding Hair Wax Target

in other words? This buzzy new product is approved by Riley *and* Richie Grainge.