Intrepid Travel Book group tours around the world with just a $1 deposit

Travel can be expensive. While you're sipping mixed drinks on vacation at the beach, your bank account isn't doing so easy. The good news for financially responsible travelers is that you can now get travel for less than the price of a breakfast sandwich. Intrepid Travel is offering a $1 deposit on your next big trip.

This group travel adventure company specializes in themed itineraries filled with unforgettable experiences. Don't expect your 10-day vacation to be just a fancy lounge on the beach. With Intrepid Travel you can actually bottle wine in Spain. If your travel style is "can't sit down," "ignore all the deck chairs," must be constantly on the move, active travel like hiking, boating, and kayaking, then the Amalfi Coast may appeal. Now, for just four quarters, you can get a seat on a group trip with Intrepid Travel's offer.

From now until February 15, 2019, if you book a trip departing before December 14, 2019, you only need to pay a $1 deposit. This is a big deal, some even call it a "steal" since the deposit for travel with Intrepid Travel is typically $400. Save $399 on a breakfast sandwich, a cute new swimsuit, or add to your savings account like a responsible adult.

We all need a break from our daily grind that lasts more than an hour, not just lunch at the buffet bar. It’s important to interrupt your daily routine with exploration and adventure. That’s why we allocate travel days!

There are many benefits to booking with a group travel company, rather than spending hours digging through the vast internet to piece together your own itinerary. First, the itinerary is designed with your specific interests in mind, so you can trust that you won't get bored. Traveling with a small group of like-minded travelers means the possibility of making new friends and becoming travel companions in the future. When you travel with Intrepid Travel, you travel responsibly. Not just financially – thanks to this deal – but also environmentally and in terms of animal welfare.

Spend six days in Iceland admiring and marveling at the sky with a Northern Lights Tour for only $1,249. In Italy you can "bike through the heart of Tuscany" and "spend a day exploring the beautiful villages, estates and gardens surrounding Lake Como". Starting at $3,405, you can explore the best of Italy in 15 days. You pay just $1 to secure your seat on the trip.

But before you invest money on your dream trip, it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions. Deposit offer is only available to travelers booking in U.S. and Canadian currencies. Some tours are not included in this deal, including: polar tours, adventure tours, private groups, adventure cruises and short breaks. Inca Trail hiking is also not included in the deal.

Additionally, if you choose to cancel your trip, you must pay the full deposit, so make sure you are fully committed before confirming payment! Be sure to read all the fine print before booking your trip. I wish you a safe journey and a happy journey in 2019!