The best places to travel in 2020, based on your zodiac sign

When it comes to setting New Year's resolutions, one of the most common is to travel more in the new year. It makes sense - we're all busy 24/7, and taking a moment to go on vacation and see more of the world can be restorative, exciting and mind-expanding. If you have some travel plans on your bucket list this year, why not look to the stars for some destination guidance? The new year's astrology can help give you some hints on where each sign should go in 2020, so if you're an indecisive Libra like me, it might help spark some inspiration.

Of course, as we enter 2020, we also need to consider the new year's astrological transits when planning our travels. "Travel in 2020 requires careful consideration," astrologer Stephanie Powell, director of content for and, tells Bustle. "We have Jupiter, the planet of luck and travel, traveling through reserved and methodical Capricorn. Last year, Jupiter was in Sagittarius, a sign that loves to book whatever it takes, but over the next 12 months, we" Might see more work-related travel or travel for a purpose... Capricorn isn't the sign to approve last-minute vacations - it's slow-moving, pragmatic and takes time to prepare. "

Another astrological event you must consider when traveling? Retrograde. *Cue horror movie screams. * "Of course, Mercury retrograde still raises the most travel-related issues... which could derail your 2020 jet-setting plans," Powell explains. Mercury rules transportation, communications, technology, and the intellect, so it has a major impact on travel plans. Mercury will be retrograde this year from February 17 to March 10, June 18 to July 12, and October 14 to November 3 – so keep in mind that if you travel on these dates, Extra luggage precautions are required.

But it's not just Mercury we have to worry about. "We have two additional planets retrograde this year: Venus and Mars," Powell said. “Both of these planets are known as the inner planets, and their energies and transits can have a more direct impact on our personal lives. Venus will go retrograde on May 13 in Gemini, the sign of travel and short trips. … Mars will September 9 goes retrograde in Aries, a sign known for seeking adventure and risk-taking, though we may notice that during these times of year we may be more prone to overspending or becoming impatient while traveling. , but this is definitely not a reason to postpone your trip. Remember, retrogrades are typically times of slowing down, so give yourself some wiggle room in your schedule and mental state.

With that in mind, here are some trips to take in 2020 based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Big Sur, California


With stunning cliffs, open ocean, and clear skies, Big Sur is the jewel of California's central coast. Aries has a busy year ahead, filled with career growth—so it's important to take some downtime to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your inner self. This remote and pristine outdoor destination is the perfect place for quiet reflection.

Taurus - Rome, Italy


Your finances will be in order this year, Taurus, so consider using financial focus to start budgeting for a trip abroad! Rome, the Eternal City, is an ideal destination. Ruled by Venus, you will live by the incredibly rich history shown in the art and architecture of this city. Plus, is there anything better than freshly made pasta and endless shopping opportunities?

Gemini – Sedona, Arizona


2020 will be a year of major personal and spiritual transformation for you, Gemini, so choosing a vacation destination that reflects your inner growth (rather than distracts from it) is key. Enter the magical city of Sedona. The gorgeous and spiritual desert backdrop will immerse you in nature as you visit the city's "energy vortex" and admire the beauty of the iconic red rocks.

Cancer—Montreal, Quebec, Canada


A new side of you will emerge in 2020, Cancer, and you're sure to enjoy some whimsical and romantic energy. And what better place to explore than Montreal, a little slice of North American Europe? Canada's most populous city, located in the French-speaking province of Quebec, is a center for European-style arts and culture. Now you could say that all the French movies you watch are just travel research.

Leo — New York, NY


Leo, you're mostly on the go this year, building a new version of the life you want to live - so if you're going on vacation, go somewhere where you can soak up powerful, fast-moving energy! New York City has it all, and since you’re gaming this year, the hustle and bustle won’t overwhelm you—it’ll more likely inspire you!

Virgo - Chiang Mai, Thailand


Virgo, 2020 will make you a badder, bolder version of yourself! Can you feel your horizons broadening? Has your thinking expanded? That said, step out of your comfort zone this year, go abroad, and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Chiang Mai (yum!). Visit incredible temples and beaches - If you're feeling wild, hop on a cheap flight south to Koh Phangan for the iconic Full Moon Party.

Libra — Santa Fe, New Mexico


Balance is your thing , Libra, and this year, you'll definitely be seeking balance—focusing on making your life more welcoming and stable, and less chaotic. It's a great idea to keep your domestic flights and enjoy New Mexico's incredibly healing scenery. Santa Fe is a hub for arts and culture—perfect for a Venus-ruled sign like yours—and between folk art markets and museums, you can squeeze in hiking and hot springs for a balanced atmosphere.

Scorpio – Dublin, Ireland


You're coming out of your shell - er, your exoskeleton? ——This year, Scorpio. Step out of your comfort zone and into the heart of Dublin's party scene, this could be the rejuvenating and confidence-building break you need. While enjoying Dublin's wild, exciting nightlife scene, you can visit the city's incredible medieval cathedral and other architectural wonders that will teach you about the area's rich history.

Sagittarius — Multi-State Road Trip


Sagittarius, you'll have some trouble with your spending this year and will take your goals and responsibilities more seriously. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take a break from your daily routine! Taking a fun road trip with your partner or a few close friends is an ideal way to get away without breaking the bank. Plan your key destinations and let serendipity guide you along the way! Leave room for impromptu stops and magic.

Capricorn - Paris, France


Capricorn, with vast, global Jupiter transiting your sign for much of 2020, this would be the ideal year to plan a big vacation and go all out. Go out of your way and book yourself a trip to Paris, the City of Light. Between incredible dining experiences, tons of art and architecture, and luxurious accommodation options, you'll be living your best life and enjoying the excitement of Jupiter this year.

Aquarius – Boulder, Colorado


You're trying to get in touch with yourself and make progress in a variety of different areas this year, Aquarius, so booking yourself a trip to a place with a slower pace and lots of natural beauty is a great plan. Boulder, Colorado is a gem of a city in the mountains, filled with spiritual attractions and abundant outdoor activities. Plus, you're just an hour away from the excitement of downtown Denver and the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park, so there's plenty to explore.

Pisces - Maui, Hawaii


2020 is an important year for you to step into your own space and embrace confidence. That said, a tropical trip to the lush island of Maui, Hawaii, to soak up the vibrant, life-giving energy of the sun will lift your spirits and inspire you to shine, shine, and shine. Stay on the beachfront of the bustling and beautiful island and set aside a day to travel along the Road to Hana and experience some of the most beautiful waterfalls, views and landscapes you can imagine.