I tried the full moon ritual & felt the universe listen to me

As someone who talks to the moon regularly, moon rituals are nothing new to me. But when Miraval Resorts in Austin, Texas invited me to explore their celestial offerings during the last supermoon of 2022, I was intrigued. I visited during the full moon in August, which falls in my home sign of Aquarius, just after the lucky Lion's Gate (one of the luckiest days of the year). I know this energy will provide me with a powerful opportunity to release what is not serving me and embrace my true self. I arrived in Austin ready to elevate my full moon ritual during this intense lunar phase. Eventually, I found my celestial outlet through journaling, moon gazing, meditating with crystals, and night swimming.

First, I absorbed all the luck that came with Lions Gate and wrote like crazy about my performance and my intentions to stay. Among the chaos: living in the moment, living to fulfill my desires, being unapologetically me ….

The day before the full moon, I attended a crystal meditation workshop where I was asked to work with clear quartz, a crystal associated with clarity and spirituality. Included is a mantra that reads: "I am connected to the light."

On the day of the full moon, I chatted with Miraval Austin’s resident astrologer, Lynne Carroll-Rivera. She explains that the Aquarius Full Moon means leaning on friendships and connecting with community. "A full moon is always a good time to post something," she explains. “This [one] specifically focuses on things we can share with others.” She asked me to consider whether I was part of a social group or network that made me feel good.

Carol Rivera, who has over 40 years of experience in astrology, told me about some of her personal full moon rituals. "I always want to take a moment to sit and look at the moon," she said. "I'll probably write down some of the things that came out of it, jot down what happened during the interaction as I sat there, and jot it down to dream about while I'm sleeping."

Inspired by our conversation, I sat outside in the moonlight and began my ritual. I expressed my gratitude and hope for the future. After gazing at the moon, I wrote down my reflections: “I am rich, I am valuable, I no longer have fear, And fully accept yourself. "

Daniel Chung/EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

In keeping with the Aquarius vibe (the sign is represented by Aquarius), I followed my instincts and headed to the pool for a night swim. Under the radiant grace of la Luna, I spoke my desire again and recited the previous mantra: "I am connected to the light." As I floated like a starfish, I envisioned a reality in which , I am fully aligned with my soul’s purpose, and I can develop a community-centered mindset. Interestingly, the pool lights turned on a few times, echoing my mantra, as if the universe heard me.

While the results are subtle, I can attest to the power of lunar energy. Since then, I have become less uncomfortable in social situations and have been rewriting my internal monologue. Letting go of my worries, racing thoughts, and aligning myself fully with my soul's purpose has been a lifelong journey, but in that moment, under the August full moon, I knew the universe was listening. After all, "we are made of the same stuff as the planets," Carroll-Rivera said. “We are part of that consciousness.”