How a Snapchat game lets you travel for free

You know what’s great? Snapshot. You know what else is great? Free vacation. You know what brings the two together? WOW Air's SnapTravelers program promises to transport four particularly creative Snapchatters to destinations around the world - as long as they document it all on social media, of course. Recently, the low-cost Icelandic airline announced it was looking for "creative, fun and interesting people" to fly to four of WOW Air's 28 destinations, including Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Cities will be randomly selected, and SnapTravelers will be asked to participate in two Snapchat-worthy activities (selected by the airline) on each trip, the Daily Dot reports. Each mini-vacation lasts between three and eight days, during which all flights, hotels, and activities are taken care of; there's even a travel stipend, because Snapchat only gets cooler when you have actual money to spend. The resulting video will be posted to WOW Air's Snapchat Story along with a number of other social media profiles.

If you're interested, applying for the program is easy: just create a two-minute Snapchat Story in English, save the video, and upload it to the SnapTraveler page on the airline's website, along with your relevant social media accounts. You may want to start the process quickly, though—applications close on May 8, and travel is expected to begin in June. According to Business Insider , the winners will be announced on May 17.

Considering WOW Air is a relatively young airline, it's no surprise that they plan to harness the power of social media users to promote their brand. Snapchat is especially great for travel. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat allows users to post short videos that play in chronological order on their Stories. The result is, well, a story. Additionally, the travel industry is largely based on word of mouth, and there’s no better way to spread the word than getting creative on social media.

Plus, it's completely free. free . Need I say more?

Image: Stephen Lewis /Pexels, Giphy (2)