7 Inexpensive Airline-Approved Pet Carriers Your Dog or Cat Won’t Hate

Traveling can be stressful, and traveling with a pet can raise stress levels to very uncomfortable levels. Rules, restrictions, certificates and regulations aside, keeping your pet comfortable on a flight can be a headache in itself. There are many pet carriers on the market, but the ones that will make traveling with your pet easier would be an inexpensive, airline-approved pet carrier for airplane travel. The last thing you have time to do is check and measure your pet carrier to make sure it will fit under the seat in front of you and keep your pet safe. These types of standards should only come with your carrier, and many brands do.

There are plenty of carriers with the TSA seal of approval that you want to invest in. You definitely don’t want to risk your pet’s health or comfort, and you don’t want to risk any complications at the gate. Choosing TSA-approved travel items can give you a great deal of assurance and confidence, and it removes the element of personal reasoning so you don't have to worry about other things the TSA can't help with, like how loud your dog barks when it takes off. Complain, or how to get your potty trained dog to pee on a pee pad during a layover because you didn’t have time to get them out of the airport. Oh, the joy of integrating pets into the human world. Here are some trustworthy TSA-approved pet carriers for cabin travel that are affordable, sturdy, and completely reliable:

Plush suspenders

Pawfect Pets Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This carrier looks stylish and business-like, but is actually fully padded, providing a sturdy yet extra plush foundation for your pet on the fly.

maximum airflow carrier

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Edition

Sherpa transport is a very popular form of transport, and for good reason. It's mostly built with grids, but it's still very studied and structured. Your pet will get a lot of air and feel safe and sound at the same time.

ever-expanding vector

Petsfit expandable carrier with one extension

This genius carrier has expandable extensions so you can use the carrier as a crate when you're at the airport or in a hotel room. With this feature, your pet can stretch outside the plane and utilize more space.

colorful vector

Click to open expanded view PrevNext Mr. Peanut's Gold Series Airline Approved Soft Sided Dog and Cat Harness Chewy

This soft carrier comes in a variety of colors. It features mesh siding and military-grade nylon, making it durable and functional.

simple vector

AmazonBasics Soft Sided Pet Travel Carrier

If you're looking for a more affordable Sherpa bag option, this AmazonBasics carrier is a great choice. Breezy and durable, the fleece pad will provide your pet with perfect comfort on long flights.

smart airline

Airlines Think About Floves

The carrier will attach to the top of your human luggage so you and your pet can navigate the airport without disturbing you. Plus, there are plenty of pockets, so you can use it as storage space for your pet’s travel items, too.

Premium Carrier

Airline approved premium pet carrier, soft sided for cats and dogs

If you are looking for a carrier that you also want to use for car and train travel, this would be a great long-term solution. It comes with pockets and compartments so you can keep your pet’s belongings organized, and is extremely durable and stylish.