'Golden Girls' Cruises Exist & Here's How to Book a Place

If you want to tell your besties "thank you for being friends," then you'll want to invite them to this Golden Girls Parade that, yes, legally exists. Dubbed " The Golden Girls of the Sea," this is the ultimate fan cruise for those who can't get enough of the dreamy quartet of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia. According to Flip Phone Events, the organization organizing the adventure, the Golden Girls Fan Cruise will set sail in 2020, departing from Miami, Florida (obviously) and stopping in Key West and Cozumel and back.

Themed cruises are so popular these days, so it was only a matter of time before the girls got their own. The Golden Girls parade has everything a GG fan could ask for. Enjoy a cheesecake party (the girls ate over 100 cheesecakes during the show), karaoke, trivia, Shady Pines (where the ladies live) craft corner, Key West Golden Girls pub crawl, "Holy Island Night" Activities Olaf’s Ball” (where Rose is from), bingo and more.

Although Sofia's last affair was in 1992, The Golden Girls has a huge fan following that was born after the show's finale aired. Basically 30 years after the girls from Sex and the City moved to Miami, you know, if Miranda were Carrie's mom.

If you can sail on or off the Golden Girl , there's something for you on every cruise, from band-specific cruises to yoga cruises to craft beer cruises. This includes TV and movie themed cruises. Join the zombie army in The Walking Dead Parade. "The Walker Stalker will welcome Norman Reedus (Daryl), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Chandler Riggs (Carr) and others, they will be hosting a week of themed events.”

Music lovers can find line dancing sea legs on the Country Music Parade, rock out on the Classic Rock Parade, or put on leg warmers for the 80s Dance Party Parade. "80s lovers can enjoy concerts day and night as well as a variety of themed events such as costume parties, 'Let's Get Body' aerobics, 80s karaoke, Q&A sessions and Q&A sessions with artists. Kenny will even have a special Visit to log in when the ship docks in Cozumel,” Cramer revealed.

There are also cruises that feature bands like Kid Rock and the Backstreet Boys (not on the same cruise because that would be weird). Whatever your difficulties, if you love cruising, there's bound to be something to get you excited about.

From Disney to dance, science to history, themed cruises will encourage you to live out your best vacation fantasies. If those fantasies include Golden Girls , then grab your best Sofia-style wigs and loungewear and head to Miami this time next year.

If you book via Flip Phone before March 19, 2019, you'll get some great deals, like a free classic drink package, which gives you unlimited umbrella drinks.

While it may not seem like the girls themselves will be traveling with you on a Celebrity Unlimited cruise, this trip will connect you with others who love the Golden Girls as much as you do. So send an invitation to everyone you know and end it with: "Thank you for being a friend."