Here’s a great reason to book your trip now

On April 26, socially responsible travel booking company Wander launched its own #AntiTravelBan campaign. The event offers travelers an opportunity to financially support causes that Trump's proposed budget would harm. Most importantly, Wander's #AntiTravelBan campaign is raising awareness about the $185 million in lost U.S. business travel bookings a week after Trump's initial travel ban went into effect. Or even better? During the #AntiTravelBan campaign, Wander pledged to "double the impact you have on the causes you care about most." So if you need to book a hotel for an upcoming trip and you like to resist the Trump administration as much as possible, now would be a great time to check out Wander.

Of course, Wander has always provided travelers with ways to book hotels responsibly, so any time is a good time to secure a stay through the site. Wander typically donates a percentage of booking fees to a cause of the customer's choice, at no additional cost to the consumer. In addition, Wander works with five respected humanitarian and environmental organizations such as WWF, CARE and Opportunity International, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women in business around the world overcome poverty.

As Wander points out on its website, the average U.S. leisure traveler spends about $2,158 per year on hotel reservations. This means that even if one American traveler books a hotel exclusively through Wander this year, they could provide life-changing vitamins to 40 children, help provide sustainable electricity to a family in Peru, and even help combat the loss of Arctic habitats. destroy.

As if all of that wasn't reason enough to check out Wander, which was founded by a woman and has a predominantly female team, and its #AntiTravelBan campaign. Perhaps more importantly, Wander does give back to the community from which travel agents and travelers benefit greatly.