Emma Chamberlain's Pro Tips for Staying Well While Traveling

In Chill Chat, Bustle sits down with celebrities to talk all things wellness, from their favorite skincare products to tips for a good night's sleep. Here, Emma Chamberlain shares more about her travel habits, Lancôme partnerships, and more.

On a particularly windy day in New York City, I met Emma Chamberlain in a chic room at the Hotel Fouquet, complete with a pink Christmas tree covered in Eiffel Tower decorations. The person I see on screen wearing a rose-pink cable-knit sweater—whether in an intimate YouTube video without makeup or in a viral moment with Jack Harlow at the Met Gala— —immediately comes to life.

"I'm wearing an adult diaper now," Chamberlain said almost immediately. “Have you ever worn one of these?” She laughed and added that it was a menstrual diaper and encouraged me to try it. This was the first life hack she unintentionally prepared for me.

Since uploading her first YouTube video in 2017, Chamberlain has built her career on this foundation: her ability to open up to complete strangers in the most relatable way possible. This vulnerability has helped Chamberlain amass nearly 16 million followers on Instagram alone, while also developing partnerships with some of the most popular brands in the industry. Her role as Lancôme’s global brand ambassador is just one example.

Below, 22-year-old Chamberlain opens up about going from small-town YouTuber to the internet's most popular fashion girl, finding adult hobbies, interviewing celebrities on the Met Gala red carpet, and more.

How has your experience evolved from shooting YouTube videos in your childhood bedroom to now working with iconic brands?

This is incredible. I definitely came into the industry with a very different tone, I should say, much less well-manicured and, you know, a little more honest. I mean, I started talking about my period. We keep it real.


It's very special to have these relationships with these heritage brands that have such a prestigious reputation and a history. It feels desirable and very exciting.

It's an honor for me because there's something so special about a brand that has stood the test of time. Everyone allowed me to still be me and that’s what really matters. All the brands I work with now are brands that I actually use, wear and love.

What are your current Lancôme essentials?

I would say number one, Génifique Serum. I like to mix it with foundation. It's incredible, but I also use it morning and night. That's great.

I also love Clarifique serum. It is a chemical exfoliant that brightens your skin.

Do you use any skin tools?

I use one of those magnetic tools like NuFACE. I really like these and they totally work.

What’s your go-to makeup look right now?

I'm going through a weird goth phase. The indie, cool vibe of the 2000s, just like thick mascara, is making a comeback. I like it.

Lash Idôle is the perfect black mascara. This is the perfect shape and if you work hard like me you can make it into chunks.

What are your travel health habits?

I definitely think drinking water is huge. I bring my own electrolyte packs and buy water bottles at a small store and line them up in my room so I have no excuses.

Also, my first priority: I need to go to the grocery store and buy snacks— my snacks that won’t hurt my stomach and that I like. I make my own minibar.

I also pack my entire daily necessities in mini sizes – I only bring one carry-on, fun item. I want to look and feel my best and not have dry skin because I'm using a weird soap.

I remember watching a video of you trying to find adult hobbies. Where are you on this journey? I started drawing again and I needed some inspiration.

Uh, good question. Key word "again" as this relates to me. I forced myself to do hobbies that I didn’t actually want to do.


I want to be good at drums because I like musicians, I like being friends with them, and I like being around them. I was like, "This would be cool. I'm going to be a drummer girl." But did I really want to play drums? No, I just wanted to see someone play drums.

Even in terms of art, my father was an artist, and that brought him a lot of joy, but it didn't necessarily bring me the same amount of joy that he did. I realized - my hobby is making and editing YouTube videos. When it became my job, it became something different for me, so now, I'm rediscovering making videos as a hobby. That was ultimately what I was passionate about, but I lost track of it for a while.

Okay, quick shot. What is your "soul city"?

Probably New York. I like it very much. I also love Paris and anywhere in the South of France.

Any plans for the New Year?

Everything I do, I need to do for me. Nor will I let anyone or anything dim my light. I've let this stuff dim my shine, I've let this happen on and off for the past few years - and I've had enough. Not next year, screw it.

Who is your dream celebrity to interview on the Met Gala red carpet?

Honestly, I like Paul McCartney. I don’t even think he went to the Met, but I needed to interview him. He is so perfect. I need to talk to him.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity .