If you're a Gemini, these 11 travel accessories are a must-have for your next vacation

The most energetic signs in the zodiac are undoubtedly the most energetic travelers. Gemini Travelers are social, adventurous, bold and observant. While this makes it a very fun travel companion, it also makes travelers sometimes forgetful and many times unorganized. The best travel accessories for Geminis are those that bring them together as much as possible—no matter the occasion. Other signs can plan their trip and pack accordingly, but Geminis have so many opposing interests and indecisive natures that they might pack for a beach weekend and end up spending the entire time in the woods.

Gemini travelers like to follow their heart, and while they appreciate planning, their ideas change too much to predict what they might encounter. Therefore, the best way to help Geminis on the go is with accessories that give them the opportunity to liven up any situation. Here, I've put together a list of travel accessories to suit the wild and unpredictable nature of Geminis, because while no one has the luxury of packing everything, we can all at least pack multi-purpose products to help prepare for everything.

multifunctional scarf

FM women's mulberry silk scarf

A large silk or cotton scarf that is wide enough will become a must-have accessory when traveling. Wear it in your hair to dress up your look, fold it around your neck for warmth, cross it over your chest as a makeshift party shirt, or wear it as a cover-up for conservative occasions.

waterproof camera

Hero White 7GoPro

Don’t take your most expensive camera with you when you travel. Bring a GoPro that can withstand heavy use and active handling. This product is waterproof so you can capture your adventures without the stress of getting damaged or lost.

mini cooler

Day Trip Lunch Bag Yeti

When you're on the go, you don't want to lug a giant cooler around, so this insulated lunch box is your lifesaver. Keep your food or medicine cool or warm, depending on your needs, without sacrificing too much cargo space. Pro tip: Keep your sunscreen and moisturizer here.

portable shaver

Sphynx women's razor

If you love shaving while traveling, this portable shaver is a must-have. With this device, you can shave without showering, which means you can shave anytime, anywhere.

A pair of shoes for day and night

UO June mini wedge espadrilles Urban Outfitters

Shoes take up a lot of space, so the less you can carry, the better. These white espadrilles are so versatile and comfortable that you can wear them all day, making them perfect if you need to dress up unexpectedly.

Technical suitcase

Commuter Zip Pouch Mark & ​​Graham

When you travel, you never know where they may take you in a day. You may want to keep your everyday tech items with you for safety reasons, but you need to keep them safe and organized. This unobtrusive carrying case protects your important equipment and cords.

Waterproof mobile phone case

JOTO universal waterproof bag mobile phone drying bag

There's always a chance you'll get stuck in the rain at a water park, or jump off the back of a boat, so why not bring a waterproof phone case, just in case.

smart watch

Apple Watch Series 3Back Market

If you leave your electronic devices at a hotel or in your car, this smartwatch will allow you to stay connected without actually using your phone. If you want to be more focused while traveling but still stay connected, the Apple Watch is a must-have.

day and night pants

Black Seamless LITE High Waist Leggings Girlfriend Series

A pair of high-quality, seamless black leggings will serve you well on your trip. Wear yours with a cotton T-shirt and sneakers during the day, or a soft silk top at night. A pair of pants, dual-purpose, all-weather comfortable travel target.

clean surface

matador pocket blanket

You never know when you'll want a clean place to sit on a mountain top, at the beach, or in a park. This portable surface folds into a small square and won't take up any of your valuable storage space, but will be a big help throughout your travels.

refillable water bottle


Many reusable water bottles are large and heavy, which makes it less likely you'll be lugging them around all day. Small enough to fit in your purse, this S'well refillable water bottle is a must-have on the go. You'll pack it more throughout the day, but that's because you'll be using it more.