Nap pod Wi-Fi with Netflix is ​​coming to airports

Anyone who flies frequently knows this is a common occurrence: flight delays. Traveling is one of life's greatest privileges and adventures, but sometimes no matter how much you plan, you just can't stop something from getting in the way of your experience. Airports try to provide amenities for people staying longer than planned, but there is one activity that airports have never been conducive to: sleeping. That is, before. Or, soon , nap pods with Netflix and Wi-Fi capabilities will be arriving at airports around the world.

When that day comes, you'll be able to take a nap in the airport using a standalone sleep device called an Airpod, Travel + Leisure reports. This Airpod is not to be confused with Apple's new wireless headphones, also known as Airpods. Airpod is unique in that it was designed with one role in mind: as a dedicated sleeping space for travelers who are unexpectedly stuck in an airport for an extended period of time. They are actually small portable rooms that contain a chair that converts into a bed, perfect for all your nap needs. They give you a place to charge your electronic devices, Wi-Fi, TV and even your air purifier! I bet you didn't even know you wanted one of these!

air chamber

Currently, these Pods are still under development. However, according to the Airpod website, infrastructure development should be completed soon, as will construction of the first 10 Airpods. Later this year, they may start testing Airpods around European airports. If all goes well, the device could be showing up at an airport near you soon. According to the website, the goal is to have 100 Airpods installed at airports by early next year. Developed by Slovenian businessmen Mihael Meolic and Grega Mrgole, the idea for Airpod stemmed from personal travel woes. Meolic explained to the blog Electronic Specifier that the goal of Airpod is to "… improve the travel experience overall, in addition to providing an opportunity to earn passive cryptocurrency income for those interested in the business." The idea and plans for the Airpod were presented at a crypto conference in Belgrade, Serbia, earlier this year.

The idea of ​​having a personal area at the airport is great. In fact, as Electronic Specifer points out, more than 90% of passengers in a survey conducted by said they would be willing to purchase sleep pods at the airport. For this reason, perhaps it’s no surprise that some airports (the most ephemeral of all buildings) already have spaces designated for “alone time.” Earlier this year, New York City's LaGuardia Airport launched the Jabbrrbox (pronounced jab-burr-box). It's similar in concept to an Airpod, but instead of providing a place to rest or sleep, the Jabbrrbox comes equipped with "Wi-Fi access, USB charging, speakers, flight trackers, and mood lighting," according to Travel + Leisure . For those interested, It's ideal for people (like myself) who feel uneasy about flying and need to clear their head before boarding.

air chamber

Since everything is more outrageous in Vegas, the details about a secret bedroom hidden at McCarran Airport probably won't surprise you. In fact, it's so hidden that even if you're passing through the airport, you're likely to miss it. To find and subsequently rent a bedroom at McCarran Airport for $5 an hour (according to Travel + Leisure ), you have to hit the gym first. Although it may seem counterintuitive, ZEROlevel Fitness & Wellness offers bedrooms for rent.

But if you like Airpods, you might have to try them in Europe first. European vacation? Trying out an airport nap pod comes with a hefty price tag.