You can go to "Friends Month" now with your friends

What could be better than a honeymoon with the one you love? How about a honeymoon with all your friends? Or should I say, buddy month . What once might have been just a dream of friendship and happiness, new best friend honeymoon ideas are now starting to emerge. People love the idea—according to a 2017 Priceline survey, 12% of couples would go on their honeymoon with friends.

It's easy to see why these would be attractive. For many people, weddings go by so quickly that they don’t have time to really spend time with the people closest to them – Buddymoon is the perfect way to celebrate with all the people that matter most.

Velas Resorts in Mexico takes the needs of Buddymoons very seriously. According to a press release, they now offer the amazing Buddymoon experience at four resorts: Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Grand Velas Los Cabos and Casa Velas.

All resorts have their own Buddymoon experience - Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Resort even offers a digital detox so you can truly enjoy some quality time together. But to give you a taste of what Buddymoon has to offer, the one in Grand Velas Riviera Maya sounds pretty epic.

“At Grand Velas Riviera Maya, couples can choose to celebrate with friends before or after the destination festival, with the four-day event including a private welcome cocktail party on the resort’s secluded Zen Pool, Chaká or Sen Lin restaurant terrace, surrounded by With the flora and fauna of the Mayan jungle, or its pristine white sand beaches, other private experiences include meditation or cooking classes, picnics or ecotours, as well as chaman friendship ceremonies and golf or spa days; Velas Resorts’ signature 80-minute spa treatment Ritual experience,” according to a press release.

I had no idea what a friendship ceremony was, but I knew I wanted to attend one. What a great way to vacation - and oh, for those of you who are more active, you might want to try a fishing trip as part of the Grand Velas Los Cabos Buddymoon experience. What's clear is that there's something for everyone - and plenty of friendships to be made.

If you find yourself asking, "What is Buddymoon?" — don't worry, you're not alone. There are so many new honeymoon trends that it can be hard to keep up. There are also mini honeymoons, which are smaller honeymoons that sometimes take place before the wedding as an opportunity to carve out some time for you and your partner. There are even minisatellites, which are mini satellites, but... you know, smaller? You could have a minimoon just for the two of you, and then a buddymoon with your friend. The possibilities are endless.

For some, a honeymoon is all about just two people - getting away from it all. But some couples have a group of friends or want an adventurous, lively honeymoon with just two people, which can be difficult to pull off. Friends Month may not be for everyone, but there's enough demand now that resorts are catering to these friend-based celebrations so everyone can choose to spend some quality time together.