This is the best time to buy wine

Are you one of those people who stock up on wine before your weekend, weekly binge-watching? That's all well and good, but know you're probably doing it wrong: A study by mobile shopping app Ibotta found that Tuesday is the best day to buy wine, with an average savings of 6% compared to checking out over the weekend. If you're like me and you never spend more than $11 on a bottle of wine, that number may not seem like a lot, but if you're also like me and you buy wine regularly, I'd be willing to bet that over time , the six percent will add up.

The study also found that grocery stores and liquor stores are not necessarily the place to find the best deals on your favorite wines—you need to go to bulk retailers, where you can save up to $1.30 per bottle on red with your local grocery store or Convenience store comparison.

Prefer beer? Still not a good idea to grab 30 before the party on Saturday night. In fact, Monday is the best day to buy beer, with an average savings of 9% on a six-pack.

If this study convinced you to rearrange your entire schedule, you're not alone because I was thinking the same thing. As you change your wine-buying dates, take note of the best shopping dates for the other items on your list.

1. Air tickets

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"Oh, that's obvious," you might be thinking. "Everyone knows the best day to buy a plane ticket is Tuesday." Not so fast. A recent article in the New York Times explains that when it comes to airfares, there are factors that go beyond just the day of the week you buy, such as your travel dates and any important holidays or events that coincide with your trip. In fact, a recent Expedia report cited in the article found that weekends may actually have the best fares. The report also concluded that the best time to buy air tickets is 57 days before travel.

2. Groceries

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If you do your weekly grocery shopping on Sunday, you're probably doing it right. A 2014 article in U.S. News & World Report found that Sunday is a great day to save on food, noting that many grocery stores start their weekly deals on Sunday and Wednesday. So Sunday, Monday and Wednesday are all good choices.

3. Electronic products

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I'm not sure how often people buy electronics, but according to ABC News, if you're in the market for a new computer, tablet, etc., Monday is the day to buy it.

4. Clothing

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Good news for fashionistas: The best day to stock up on your weekend wardrobe is before the weekend—Thursday, to be exact. According to ABC News, many retailers are adding new sale items on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so heading to the stores on Thursday is a good chance to score some deals.

5. Gas

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If you're on top of the game, you'll actually buy gas on the day of the week, not just when your car starts yelling at you to fill up, major props. While prices vary significantly from region to region, a study by Gas Buddy found that weekends, especially Sundays, are the best days to refuel.

Think of all the wine bottles, clothing, laptops, plane tickets, and gallons of gas you could buy with all this newfound knowledge.

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