How to plan a luxury Thailand honeymoon for $5,000

Thailand has long been a honeymoon hotspot, and for good reason. There’s so much to explore here: exotic landscapes, crystal clear waters, ancient ruins, bustling cities, thousand-year-old temples, and incredible cuisine—in other words, there are newlyweds here who are most excited to Everything they need to start their marriage in a heart-warming way.

We follow New York-based videographers Amy and Jonathan on their honeymoon adventures in Thailand in this episode of Bustle's video series Seekers, which takes us along coveted travel routes while Record every dollar spent. It was a trip of a lifetime and the entire trip cost $5,000.

Like most couples who travel to Thailand for their honeymoon, the pair set out from Bangkok to take in all the sights and sounds the city has to offer. What impressed them most was the incredible (and very affordable) street food.

From there, they fly to Chiang Mai (pro tip: domestic flights in Thailand are usually very cheap). They had many adventures there - trying new foods, visiting temples and even hanging out at an elephant sanctuary. After leaving Chiang Mai, they made their way to Phuket where they got an amazing rental to hang out and relax in the sun before heading to Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Ao Nang.

“One of the highlights of the trip was the cooking class in Krabi,” the couple explained. "They taught us how to make all these traditional Thai dishes ... curry, pad Thai, mango sticky rice, egg rolls. We were really stuffed."

To learn more about their trip and live out some travel fantasies of your own, watch the video above.

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