This photographer moved to Iceland's fjords

Admit it: The pandemic has probably whetted your appetite for travel, leaving you dreaming of escaping to a remote island away from crowds and Zoom fatigue. While the rest of us were daydreaming about escaping, Isley Rust actually did it.

Reust is a photographer and filmmaker based in Ísafjörður, Iceland. After working in the film industry in Los Angeles for many years, she moved to one of the most remote towns in Iceland in 2018. She recalls an unfulfilling career that led her to start a new life in Iceland. Roust holds German and American citizenship, which allowed her to settle in Ísafjörður with relative ease.

The fishing village of Loust ​​has only about 2,600 inhabitants. She spends her time guiding visitors on nature adventures and documenting the stunning beauty of the Arctic landscape. As part of our relocation series, she sat down with Bustle to explain what she loves most about remote living and how she hopes that will change in the near future. Spoiler alert: She's not planning on returning to big city life anytime soon; on the other hand, a more secluded locale is more likely. Follow Reust's adventures on Instagram to get an up-close look at Iceland's majestic beauty.

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