Where to go in Las Vegas, according to locals

There are countless attractions in the entertainment capital of the world, so if you find yourself enjoying your own Vegas vacation , you probably won't have any trouble finding things to do. But if you're pressed for time or just want to simplify your approach, who better to do it than a local? Do they have all the answers on what to do and where to go in Las Vegas?

Sure, the city is home to world-famous casinos, dazzling shows, and unparalleled nightlife, but there are plenty of ways to have a great time. We asked a Las Vegas local to recommend spots for the best views, the best beers, scenic adventures out of town, a relaxing hideaway on the Strip, and more Coffee can also replenish energy.

Desiree has lived in Las Vegas for the past 10 years and currently works as a Lyft driver, where she takes tourists and locals to some of her favorite attractions. When she's not driving, she's very active in the community, serving as an advisor to a Latino student organization working to bring more Latino culture to the area, running a food service program at a local high school, and serving for the junior varsity team Provides coaching for softball and archery teams. If you're thinking of vacationing in Las Vegas in the future, read on to learn about some of Desiree's favorite spots in Sin City.

1. View from the top

Desiree says to get one of the best views in Vegas, skip the overpriced High Roller and head to the stratosphere instead. If you want to test more than just your fear of heights, the tower offers plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities like rides and skydiving.

2. Drink some fresh beer

If you need a drink, Desiree recommends heading to Ellis Island Casino for some “to-die-for” brews and root beers. You can visit its brewery and taste its impressive permanent selection as well as seasonal specialties.

3. Indulge your inner child

Desiree admits she does occasionally visit tourist attractions. "I love going to the Coca-Cola and M&M's stores!" she exclaimed, saying they always have the best gifts.

4. Escape to a tropical garden

Just steps away from the Coca-Cola and M&M's stores, this is a beautiful hideaway that makes you feel like you've escaped the city. The gardens at the Tropicana Hotel are "like a tropical island," Desiree said. “For a few hours you can almost forget you’re in Vegas.”

5. Forget coffee

When asked about her favorite coffee shop, Desiree had a straightforward answer: "Tip: Forget coffee, this is Vegas!" Instead, she recommends opting for adult varieties of refreshing drinks, and You're promised a "killer margarita" at the Mermaid Casino Bar on Fremont Street in downtown.

6. Back to the 1880s

If you want to get away from it all or "need a break from the pool," Desiree recommends spending a day at Red Rock Canyon in Bonnie Springs. "Feel like you're transported back to the Old West" while wandering through Old Nevada City at Bonnie Springs Ranch. The fun activities and stunning scenery are worth the drive.

7. Receive from a distance

If you're looking for a quiet night away from the lights of the Las Vegas Strip, drive to "The Look Out." The entire Vegas Valley can be seen from the top of Lake Mead Boulevard. Think of it as a "classic high school 'makeout spot,'" Desiree says, and a "perfect destination for tailgate or 'hood night."

Image: ADTeasdale, Supermac1961 , Jim , Justin Ennis, Luke H. Gordon, Antti T. Nissinen, Steven Conry , Daniel Ramirez /Flickr