The best modes of transportation to take when traveling based on your zodiac sign

We all have our own favorite ways to travel. Some people love neck pillows, while others consider them a sign of novice travelers. We should all check our judgment about other people’s luggage and preferred travel methods, and accept that everyone’s holiday style comes in different shapes and patterns. There's a way to figure out what someone's favorite way to vacation is, though - you just have to find out what the best modes of transportation are for them to travel based on their zodiac sign. While Virgo may have a solid itinerary mapped out months before departure, romantic Gemini may approach a location and let themselves get caught up in the local drift.

While Cancer prefers a cozy shell, one thing intertwined among the zodiac signs is that every sign loves to travel. Some people may prefer to spend time at a spa rather than on the slopes. No matter what your sign's signature style is, there are some styles that complement each other for a well-rounded vacation with friends.

It's always the season to travel, so adventure awaits. How are you going to handle it? First class flight or a scenic train ride? Your sun sign may help you figure out all of these issues so you can have the best trip for your sign.


Aries is often the boldest of the zodiac signs. Bulls always love spontaneous adventures, and a last-minute decision to pack your bags and hit the road for a road trip isn't going to make you nervous and sweaty. In fact, as the road continues to unravel, you might just settle down.


As a patron of luxury and aesthetics, you will enjoy five-star luxury hotel robe living. Who can blame you? Who cares when you have freshly squeezed orange juice in one hand and the keys to your eucalyptus sauna in the other?


Geminis like to visit a lot of places when they venture out on vacation. While one day can be a full day of hiking, the next can be spent lying on the beach. Flying to one city and booking a flight to another is Gem's preferred method of travel.


Because Cancers find comfort in the familiar, a long train trip can help them feel settled. Settle yourself into the cabin, gather all your belongings in one place, and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your home.


Leo is like a spotlight. And they are very social. It's no surprise that no matter which city they arrive in, they quickly make new friends forever. When Leos travel, it's not ridiculous to have them revisit a place where they already feel they have a secure footing.


Virgos may feel better when their schedules are layered. There's nothing wrong with that. Traveling with a tight schedule is the best option because nothing is more satisfying than a checklist.


Cruises offer Libras a balance of leisure and port exploration.


Scorpios tend to be competitive. So racking up points on your travel rewards credit card is a win. Whatever is offered, you will take it as a trophy you deserve.


Adventurous Sagittarius can enjoy an extraordinary trip around the world. Sagittarius is suited to where the world stands out. All you really need is a backpack and a map.


Because Capricorns are loyal and take their work seriously, going abroad is more like ~living~ abroad. A long, relaxing vacation is worth it for this hard-working sign. But Cap would feel better if the vacation turned into a job abroad or a work trip.


The kind-hearted Aquarius travels with goals. Community service trips are the most popular because it means you are making a difference. Escort those baby turtles out to sea!


Deep and emotional, Pisces can turn any holiday into a profound memoir full of revelations. But for the zodiac fish, there's nothing better than a yoga retreat, where the emotional soul can be exercised and strengthened.